Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well nothing too exciting to report...all is great here....in between work, relief teaching, mother's group, swimming lessons...time is just flying by and somewhere in between all that I am starting to make final decisions about the details of the renovations that we are starting in August(oh only about a YEAR behind the schedual!!). I'm hoping to keep it a really minimal and simple interior and then add the colour and life with retro and antique pieces! I will be sooo excited just to have cupboards and storage(oh and a room for the new addition)...that's my main goal. Everything will basically be white - continuation of our jarrah floor boards in the main family room and then dark mocha coloured large tiles for the floor of the bathroom, laundry and toilet, a neutral carpet for the kids rooms. Very simple really and I can't wait!(remind me of this positiveness when I am 7 months pregnant and the back half of my house has been demolished!!!)

Also put this bright beauty on Layby this week....couldn't help myself....and it was a bargain! Don't really have to buy anything else - except clothes if it's a boy...so why not I say!
Here is lil scrapping.... monthly LO comp @ Scraploot... based on a sketch.
I so wish I was one of those scrapper/bloggers who rolls out 4-6 LOs to share each week - like Nic, Lisa or Julie H......but alas - no LOL!!!! Just one for now

BTW I am LOVING my new slow cooker - how very domesticated of me!LOL!

HUGE congrats to Lisa AKA Scrapwitch - who won the big comp over at Embellished! It' s wonderful when true talent is recognised!!! YAY!!!

Have a great week!


Belinda Venables said...

The colours sounds nice. We did the same. Alot of earthy tones and left things quite plain so we could add splashes of colour, depending on our mood...lol.
LOVE the pram...very swish and the LO, gorgeous as always!

Lauren said...

hey Mel,
That pram is awesome, we have the same one!
My slow cooker is my saviour! I dont know how I used to live without it. I got one for my Mum too...
Loving that layout too!
Good luck with the reno's..

scrapwitch said...

why thank you miss melisa ....i love that layout ,and im going to get my slow cooker down tomorrow and give it a whirl...any suggestions for a recipe

Ali said...

mm that LO is delish! so cute....and your spanking new pram will be perfect for the bub..good luck with the reno's! oh and slow cookers are FAb- except i can't use mine- im at work ALL day.....but they are great for caseroles and soups!! xox ali

Nicole said...

Love your house plans Melis, and that LO is devine, LOL though, I only just got my mojo back, don't think I really scrapped for the first 16 weeks of being pregnant.


parkergal17 said...

Your renos sound great. Can't wait to do some myself. Love the pram too. Our slow cooker is the best thing. A perfect addition to the life of a scrapper :)

You may have only done one layout but damn it is just gorgeous.

Malin said...

Ohh your artwork always makes my heart smile i love your work Melissa you are my biggest inspiration!!
Love that pram to, gorgeous red color!!!

Louise said...

Hello you, love your LO, and hey dont forget to share pics of your renos!

Lou :)x

Michelle Jamieson said...

You have heaps going on, Mel!
We did the same when I was pregnant with Ella...I was painting her room at 8 mths pregnant...brings back memories! But, it was finished in time!! LOL

Chelle Xx

Gizmo said...

Loooove the pram, it's very trendy!
I love my slow cooker and couldn't live without it - specially with my little ferals :)