Friday, May 23, 2008

Gym class...

No no...not me LOL! Poppy - she had her first "gym" class yesterday! I have been meaning to take her for about 6 months now and have finally found the time to go! She is such and energetic child (she doesn't get it from me!) so she really needs and enjoys "busy and active" activities!

I think she is too little for the whole "dancing" scene yet - I know it can get competitive and costly so I'm not that keen just yet. So we went to a gym class for toddlers and my god...SHE LOVED IT! They start with stretches and warm ups, music and exercises then then they all follow a circuit, then you can do your own thing and the instructor(who is just lovely) comes around showing different basic skills like tumbles and rolling! Very casual and very fun! I'm so happy we went. And it's great timing with the winter weather setting in! The best thing is you are not "locked" into a term - you just turn up and pay as you go! I will take my camera next time - didn't want to look like a maniac on the first day!

Here is round #2 challenge for Scraploot DT challenge/comp. - a sketch, some stamping, hand drawing and you had to make your own embellishment - I made the "button tree" - the trunk was part of a pizza box - hand drawn, cut and inked. I LOVE it!LOL!

..and a CJ entry for the wonderful Donna J...."confessions" theme - what weird and wonderful habits we have!
Hope you have a great weekend - I think I'll rest up a little, cook up some veggie and barley soup in the slow cooker and hopefully fit in a little scrapping!

What are you up to?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well nothing too exciting to report...all is great between work, relief teaching, mother's group, swimming lessons...time is just flying by and somewhere in between all that I am starting to make final decisions about the details of the renovations that we are starting in August(oh only about a YEAR behind the schedual!!). I'm hoping to keep it a really minimal and simple interior and then add the colour and life with retro and antique pieces! I will be sooo excited just to have cupboards and storage(oh and a room for the new addition)...that's my main goal. Everything will basically be white - continuation of our jarrah floor boards in the main family room and then dark mocha coloured large tiles for the floor of the bathroom, laundry and toilet, a neutral carpet for the kids rooms. Very simple really and I can't wait!(remind me of this positiveness when I am 7 months pregnant and the back half of my house has been demolished!!!)

Also put this bright beauty on Layby this week....couldn't help myself....and it was a bargain! Don't really have to buy anything else - except clothes if it's a why not I say!
Here is lil scrapping.... monthly LO comp @ Scraploot... based on a sketch.
I so wish I was one of those scrapper/bloggers who rolls out 4-6 LOs to share each week - like Nic, Lisa or Julie H......but alas - no LOL!!!! Just one for now

BTW I am LOVING my new slow cooker - how very domesticated of me!LOL!

HUGE congrats to Lisa AKA Scrapwitch - who won the big comp over at Embellished! It' s wonderful when true talent is recognised!!! YAY!!!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well Mother's day was lovely! I was spoilt - I got a beautiful card, a sleep in, a slow cooker(which I asked for -LOL) and some pink uggboots for around the house, from Dh and Miss P. A gorgeous card from my SIL - which actually bought me to tears...some turkish delight(yummo!) and some fabulous Clarins face cream from MIL....SPOILT! Of course the best gift is this precious life growing inside me!
My mum is getting a soft dressing gown from us!We rang her on the day. She really is a wonderful lady!
We had a BBQ brunch at MIL's with all the family - absolutely delish...Poppy kept the troops entertained with her antics! And my MIL also cooked up an extra evening meal for us so I didn't have to cook dinner - how lovely is that!

Finally feeling alot better...but busy doing so extra relief teaching while I still can! Must say i really love the classes I am working with this year!

Here is a LO I have done for Loz...this is her gorgeous new bubba, Chloe...isn't she beautiful!!
Hopefully I'll have more to share soon!

Poppy is unsure about the whole new baby business..she keeps looking under and down my top saying "Mumma...where's the baby? Where's the baby?"...she is such a cack!

Thanks for all the kind comments and well wishes on our special really made my week!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A good reason...

Well there is good reason why I have been far too exhausted to be creative, a good reason why I have hardly commented on friends' blogs, a good reason why I fall asleep at 9pm, a good reason why I have been sooooo sick(couldn't take antibiotics), a good reason why I am getting fatter by the day!!!

And here it is....

I am 12 weeks pregnant!! And we a absolutely thrilled! Everything looks perfect and this little one should make an appearance in November. My due date is the 13th - just 4 day's before Poppy's birthday but I looks like I will have to have a c-section so somewhere around two weeks earlier than that!
I don't care if it is a boy or a girl - just relieved that it's not twins -LOL . I'm so much bigger this time I seriously thought there might be two but luckily just one - I guess I'm just fat!
Poppy doesn't really understand yet but I'm sure she will as it becomes more obvious!
How exciting!!!