Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick share...

Well the kitchen has gone completely so the house is an utter mess...stuff everywhere - all a bit stressful really! So we are living up the road with my Inlaws who have been fabulous! We are going between the two houses...roll on Easter, when this will hopefully be over! YAY!

But my little woes are nothing really when you hear of all those families who now have no homes and worse still those who have lost love ones to the bush sad and senseless!

A quick share...some LOs for Wicked Princess Kits..these kits are great value and full of fabulous products! This month I played with the girly and fun Enchantress kit!Check it out here !

Not sure when I'll be back on...soon I hope! LOL!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My big kindy girl...

Well she was lovin' it when I left her this morning...surprisingly I felt a bit teary when dropped her off! She wasn't worried in the slightest far too busy looking at the toys and puzzles.
Her school bag is as big as her! LOL! And she wouldn't let me help her carry..."I do it myself mumma!"

and this was my kitchen this morning...

and my kitchen by lunchtime - eeeeeek!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For sale.........

Nothing at all to do with scrapping...LOL but due to our renovations, I am selling this gorgeous antique kitchenette... in great condition - needs a new latch on one door. If you are local (Perth) and at all interested email me for more details! . I'm sad to see it go!

I'm hanging out to scrap but the kitchen gets knocked out/down tomorrow so the everything is everywhere....I'm a bit over it but it will be worth it in the end!
What a week...Poppy started new swimming lessons at a new pool and the teacher was fantastic! She did more in one lesson this week than she has in the last year at the old place. So glad we made the move. Even I hopped in with her for a play...scary...still have lots of "baby weight" to lose!! But well on my way!
Miss P starts 3yr old Kindy tomorrow...she can't wait! I know she'll love it but I worry too as she has never been in the care of anyone except family....excited and nervous for her! I can't believe she has a bag and lunch box...where has my baby gone! ***Sigh***

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Does this sound like you? Do you have what it takes??
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three months...

Lil Lola is Three Months old already! Each month that passes breaks my heart a little, it's going so quickly....I am just enjoying her babyhood sooooo much! Pure delight!

  • Weight -
  • Length -
  • hates tummy time - needs it though...recommendations from the physio
  • Loves to be held/cuddled
  • loves sucking her dummy & fists
  • reaches out for her toys
  • loves chatting and laughing at people, toys and light fittings !
  • can roll from her tummy onto her back
  • Sleeps through the nights but has just started to briefly wake at 4am..not looking for a feed - just playing!
  • feeds 3/4 hourly during the day.
  • Smiley and social just like her big sister!
  • She's a doll!