Friday, March 26, 2010

Battery problem...

Well the good news is that my camera only needs a new battery - will pick one up this week.

  • Have been doing some extra teaching days and just don't have a spare minute.

  • Have actually been scrapping but obviously have no pics right now.

  • Have been decluttering - this seems endless

  • Have been getting ready for Easter with lots of crafty fun with Poppy - including potato prints, paper plate Easter Hat, cards for her teachers, an Easter collage and some baking! She loves our time together when Lola sleeps!
  • Have been watching Lola's walking improve and she now thinks she is running the house - she is a bossy boots!

  • Preparing to travel to Gero for Easter to see my family - Poppy is VERY excited about hanging out with her cousins and wants to write a letter to the Easter Bunny so he knows where to find us! Too cute!
  • Here is Poppy's Easter collage - we had a great chat about new life and the real meaning of Easter while making this!
If you a someone who is actually bothering to read this and has a toddler at home who would like some of those paper bunnies and some other "Easterish" small embellishments, leave me a comment and I will pick a couple of names out and send some to you for your littlest crafter!


Chloe :-) said...

Oh those little paper bunnies look so cute and my 3yr old would just love them :-). ( do I!!!)

Felicity said...

Ya for the camera battery, not long now :)
Dont you love it when kids want to write letters to the easter bunny, cute.
That paper plate is cute.
Brae would love some those little bunnies :) x

Tara said...

That's gorgeous Mel!!

Glad your camera only needs a new battery... I would cry if something happened to my camera.

miasmummy said...

I always read your blog my dear! I hang out for your posts!! You don't need to pull my name out but have certainly given me an idea for what to do with Mia. We went to Woolies the other day and bought 100 paper plates, might use up a few! xx

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Donna Heart said...

hello gorgeous - i've been so remiss in leaving comments sorry!!! and missed you at easter - but it was such a buzy time - mac came up, toby;s birthdya on good friday, my parents came up for the weekend as well, and then a friend from over east on the monday - phew!!! we WILL have coffee this year though ok!!! hope you're well, love the updates on the peeps, xxx don