Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time flies.....

Well we have been busy busy busy...and this sad lil blog has been neglected. No scrapping has been done in this house due to mainly illness -

  • a trip to Gero for the first week of the school holidays

  • both girls got sick - for the following TWO weeks - we were stuck at home - missed b'day parties and play dates. It nearly drove me crazy!!!!

  • one trip with Lola to PMH - she had Bronculitious(sp?) and was struggling to breathe(scary much???).Worked out it's viral so they couldn't give her anything to clear it!

  • Dh got a mild dose of the flu and so did I.

  • We had my brother's 40th - lots of fun!

  • good news is I've got another half day of work which is excellent - I really LOVE my job!

  • constantly trying to declutter and organise this house - does anyone else struggle with this?

  • switching some rooms around - dining room into the formal lounge room which we never use and making the dining room into a playroom for the girls! The painter is here right now painting it all white! I'm going for a girly shabby chic look!

  • Lola has decided to start toilet training - by herself! Clever chook - but she is constantly taking her nappy off - it's time consuming but great too!!! So different to Miss P - she took AGES!!!

  • Lola is so busy these days - she thinks she is running the show!

  • Poppy has started some fun Tiny Tots Tennis lessons - the guys running it are excellent! I really want her to try a range of activities and to find out what she really enjoys.

  • We are all much better now and hopefully some creativeness will occur!Hoping to join in the CC at Scrapbooksavvy this weekend!

Hope all is well in your world....