Monday, August 25, 2008

Back on track....

Finally scanned some recent scrapping...about time!LOL!

All is going well...we had a ball at the Justine Clarke concert...initially Poppy was a little overwhelmed, then she warmed up and made her way to the "mini mosh pit" and went a little nutso! It was hilarious watching her dancing with her lil friends! We lined up afterwards and met Justine and had a photo. What a GORGEOUS lady! She was just having a ball on stage and so nice to sign CDs and have photos with literally 100s of kids! What a great person! The stage was very cute - almost "bam pop"ish...very funky!
Poppy rocked out so hard she ended up with a small blister on her foot...but seem to grow and grow even though we kept her in socks or thongs......ewwwww it was enormous(about the size of a 20c piece) so I took her to the doctors todays and he sorted it out...won't go into details...ick!!!!
So she is now hobbling around telling anyone who will listen that she has a sore foot because of all her dancing at a concert!
The nesting factor is starting to set in and I am dragging out all those bits and pieces that were Poppy's when she was a new born...all that tiny linen, bunny rugs, teeny singlets...maddly soaking and washing them all. Also trying to chuck out some of the crap that piles up in cupboards....preparing for the renos! I'm over the clutter! Off for my next Ob appointment tomorrow!
And finally some scrapping...
For the White with One challenge blog...

Not sure it this one is quite finished...awwwwww look how little Poppy is...beginning to crawl! It's not really crooked ...bad scan!

One that was meant for Scrapworld before it closed...Jenni Bowlin papers!

And a terrible pic of a double...we visited a great lil wildlife park on the school holidays with my family! Looks better IRL!LOL!

Hope you have a great week!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still here....just

Well I haven't updated for a few weeks due to lack of creating, lack of photos, lack of sleep and up until the other day lack of internet. We had a problem with our connection but it is all fixed now. Have had a look on my fav. blogs but just lurking not leaving comments - so sorry for that will do the rounds soon!

What's been going on??? Well....

  • Poppy is still a little unsettled with her sleep and the average wake up time seems to be 5.30am - which I detest! I have never been a morning person but adjusted to our previous 6.30am start. That one hour less just seems like sooooooooo much more - plus it's so cold and pitch black...god knows why she would even want to get up. We have tried everything but it seems this is it for now! Thank god my DH gets up to her all week and I do the weekends. She is still pushing boundries but that is just the "toddler" stage I guess.

  • Pregnancy insomnia has also hit so I doze in and out of uneventful sleep from 2.30am onwards - very draining. But I guess I'll be up with a newborn soon so best get use to it!LOL!

  • Scrapping - little or nil due to tiredness....hope to tackle a few things ASAP. Still inspired by so many chickies I know IRL and online! I was excited to win a prize for the White with One challenge blog - check it's a fun challenge blog!

  • Our reno plans had one "glitch" but should pass council in the next week or two - then the back of my house is getting ripped off - OMG what were we thinking? Well it has to be done and the sooner the better - I'm nervous, excited and scared all at the same time!

  • Have been working quite a bit at school - we had book week dress up day - I went to work dressed as pirate! A very FAT pirate LOL!

  • Starting to get bits and pieces ready for the new bub - only 11 weeks to go! I can't believe how quickly it seems to be going! I can't wait to meet him/her... I feel pretty good but my cocix(sp?) joint has gone and it is pretty painful!

  • We are off to see the Justine Clarke concert this week with some friends and their toddlers so I'm sure Poppy will have a ball!

  • The weather is glorious here so I'll be heading outside for some sunshine...

  • Back with some scrapping later....