Monday, December 14, 2009

I *heart* this time of the year....

Yep I do LOVE Christmas! Our tree is not up yet as I'm uncertain where to put it...Miss Lola will attack it I'm I think we may pop it in the front lounge this year. I would love it in the new family room but don't think it would last long in there!

As usual we have a million things going on...

  • My b'day...quiet one - but DH took me to the movies - which I just love doing! Lots of pressies and fun. My sister bought me these M- cups - LOVE them! Got lots of vouchers and money - saving it all for the sales!LOL!

  • Playgroup Christmas party - it was sooooooooo HOT but lots of fun...Poppy's face painting was gorgeous. She loved her book and skipping rope from Father Christmas but was even more impressed with the yellow golf ball she found in the playground - go figure!

  • Sorting, clearing out, selling and giving away all our little baby clothes and toys.

  • Poppy had her last day of 3 year old Kindy - more to a new school next year!

  • I finish my teaching this week - yay for holidays. New teaching job next year which is very exciting!

  • Just making my Christmas cards- way behind this year. Getting a photo of both girls is tricky! Lola is a wriggler!

  • Tiny bits of scrapping - time and tiredness get me everytime!

  • Most of the presents bought and wrapped!

  • Now to sort out the menu for Christmas day - it's at our house this year, for the first time - hoping to keep it delicious but casual. Being the youngest in my family I usually just turn up to everyone else's place wearing a new dress and holding a bottle of champas and a salad!LOL! Now it's finally my turn!

  • Planning fun and creative things to do in the holidays - want to do lots of fun family activities!

  • Lola is on the front cover of Scrapbooking Memories Mag this month- YAY! I've never had a cover dying to see it!

  • Had our "girls night out" - annual Christmas Dinner, drinks, carryon! Haven't been out much this year but now Lola is older it's getting easier! I had a ball - new dress, fake tan, new hair do....great food, gorgeous girlfriends - soooo much fun! Love my chicks!

I'm actually sure there is more but that's all I can think of....anyone still read this? Will be back to post some LOs up!

Are you crazy busy or super organised - or both!?


Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Birthday....

This time 4 years ago a had a sweet new bubba in my arms! It has gone soooo fast's a blur. To be honest Poppy wasn't the easiest of toddlers - very "spirited". Her endless energy, tendency to run EVERYWHERE, constant talking and overly strong will tested me along the way! But the traits that sometime drive me crazy are the traits we value so much in adults - strong willed, confidence, social, energetic! So I embrace this gorgeous girl and her high spirited ways! She is unique and fun! She is our special first born! And we love her to bits!
She had a little party yesterday with some special friends. I made her a tinkerbell cake which I was pretty pleased with as a first attempt! She loved her new big girls bike from us - aswell as some books, memory game, Tinkerbell doll and costume. Dh's family all put in and bought her the Tinkerbell Cafe kitchen - what a hit! She received bathers, jewellery box, charms, and funky hat! Alround a fabulous range of pressies!
At Four -
She loves
  • Outside play

  • Bathtime

  • swimming lessons

  • Going the park

  • Hot chips

  • Singing and dancing around the house

  • Playing with Lola

  • Story at bedtime

  • Drawing

  • Long, swirly dresses

  • dressing herself

  • Her doll's house

  • Trampoline

  • To answer the phone - "hello Poppy Corbett speaking"

  • Finding treats in her Nanny's handbag

  • To wake up at 5.30am - I'm not loving this one!

  • She can write her name

  • she loves affection

  • She loves playing with her friends and older cousins

  • She will eat most things but only tiny amounts

So that's both birthday's done and dusted - now looking ahead to Christmas! Eeeeek - we're having it here at our place this year!!!!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy first birthday Lola!

God, can it really have been a year already? Athough in some ways it just feels like she has always been here.

Lola is such a loving, clever, pretty little girl. I just adore her. She completes our family in so many ways -she is the perfect play mate for Poppy. There is nothing more special than the bond of sisters. She looks alot like her dad and I I know he loves that she does! And she will always be my baby girl!
At One -
Length -
Weight -
  • says mum.Bubba, lola, dad, nan, nanna(bananna), no, hello, bye, "awwwwwww" when you cuddle her, "uh-oh".And a whole heap of babbling and humming!
  • crawls everywhere, cruises standing against furniture, "free" stands next to furniture.

  • Eats quite well - just weaned from breast feeding but not keen on cows milk yet.

  • Loves to play "chasey" with Poppy, loves exploring, outside play - eating sand! Loves to climb!

  • Hums and rocks, claps to music.

  • Laughs alot, giggles and smiles alot!
  • Sleeps really well - 12 hours straight - just starting to wake earlier.

  • Two bottom teeth only

  • Size 0 and 1 in clothes

  • She is over an easy baby - lots of fun and so easy to love and enjoy!

Last Year - meeting Poppy.

This year enjoying her first ever cupcake!

Friday, October 23, 2009

OMG - some scrapping to share!

These were the LOs for each round of the Boxx Comp - it was really good to have a challenge and meet time deadlines - I always work well with time deadlines - I just get it done!

All good here - getting ready for Lola's first birthday/baptism - we are combining it to have one large party! She is such a delight. So happy and easy going and into EVERYTHING - she gets into things and then flashes a cheeky smile and gives a wicked little laugh! Can't believe this time last year I was 20kg heavier and awaiting this precious bub! She and Poppy get along so well - I love watching them "play" together!

Poppy has been much better with her behaviour and emotions lately - just growing up I guess. She still has her moments but I am consciously trying to manage her/repond to her in a more positive way. She is really starting to enjoy drawing and making things. She draw cute little pictures of people now - usually our family - very sweet and special!

Take care
Melis xx

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

busy fun...

Well the school holidays have been and gone! We love the holidays because DH is a teacher so we had him home for two weeks! Yay! We have been super busy and had lots of fun!

  • Went to Gero to see my family - Poppy had a ball hangin' with her big cousins, Lola was sick so we stayed in alot!
  • went to the Royal Show - left Lola with Nanny, so Poppy had a fabulous time! She LOVES the rides and has no fear! Loved the animals, face painting, games, food, showbags and the train ride home!

  • Went to the cutest fairy party at a fairy shop
  • Culling all my baby stuff - learnt how to list on e-bay and am selling at a baby market in Nov.
  • Getting rid of a pile of scrapping stuff - have given away literally about 100 pieces of paper!
  • Some scrapping - for the Boxx comp. - lots of fun!
  • Trips to into the city, the park and playground.
  • Trying to still sort out the house - reserected this old dresser for Poppy's room - very shabby chic - she loves it too!It's a really old kitchenette -partially stripped it, took the top and the doors off and add the baskets. I nearly gave it to my sister two weeks ago - lucky I didn't!

  • Now back at work...and a job change for next year is in the wind! A new position and I'm pretty excited about it. I have LOVED my job for the last two years but my position as it has been is no longer available!
  • Organising Poppy and Lola's birthdays and Lola's baptism.
  • Started making some cute felt/fabric/vintage button hair clips to sell.
  • More kids craft with Poppy - I LOVE making things with paper plates - they are cheap and so adaptable. The ideas are endless.

First one is a garden collage. You can do any theme. We've also made an under the sea one. You could do the beach, a jungle, space, fairyland, dinosaur land etc $2 shops are great for items to use. Paint the paper plate and then glue on other bits and pieces - it's that simple.(I cut out the clouds and she positioned the rest)!

Second one - an old favourite - paper plate fish! Cut out a triangular section and staple on as a tail. Paint, then for "scales" cut patti cake liners into quarters. Glue on in rows! Add a wobbley eye or a hand drawn one!She's pretty proud of her work! LOL!
Hope you are having a great week - will be back with some LOs!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hungry Caterpillar...

I adore Eric Carle's books and did a whole Author study on his books with my junior Library classes! Did you know it's his( the caterpillar's) 40th Anniversary this year! Talk about surviving the test of time. I LOVE working in the Library because I really do love literacy lessons and children's books!Poppy has a copy of the book and loves it as much as I do. I really want to pass on a love of books to my kids.

Now she is getting a little older Poppy and I are doing more crafting together. I will post some of the things we do - incase anyone is looking for simple activities to do with little ones!
This week we decided to make a Hungry Caterpillar - very basic, but you could busy it up with far more decorations.
Items needed - Egg Carton
Red & Green paint
Yellow paper or card
Purple card
Optional Extras - pipe cleaners, sequins, green wool...the list goes on!

Cut egg carton in half, cut off one individual section for the head

Paint the "body" green

Paint the head red - allow to dry

Cut out two eyes from the yellow card, paint green in the centre

Cut out two purple antennae - or use pipe cleaners

Assemble - staple or hot glue head on, glue eyes and antennae, add a nose.

You could further decorate with sequins, green fabric, wool or crepe paper!It's VERY simple - but Poppy isn't even 4 yet so - it has to be! If you would like me to post more simple crafty ideas please let me know...if no one is interested I won't bore you all! LOL!

I've been scrapping for a comp. at the BOXX...and hoping ot get a bit more of my own scrapping done. Slowly finding my way back! Have some cute pics of the girls to get on to!

Will be back with some LOs later!

Have a great week! X

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I know, I know...'s been a while! LOL! But who would have ever thought TWO kids would take up soooo much time! He he!

Lola has really blossomed in the last month and has a wide range of party tricks including a fake laugh, a fake cough, waving, VERY loud squealing, pull up on things and crawling EVERYWHERE! She is also finally showing off her first tooth. She is such a happy and easy going bubba...just a delight!
Poppy is growing up but is definately testing boundries to say the least. I adore her but she is very emotional and sooooo stubborn! I'm hope that as she matures she'll calm down a bit! I also wish she knew that 5am is not a great time to wake up!!! It drives me crazy! But there are so many loving and sweet sides to her - I need to celebrate those more!

We are LOVING the renovations and all the space we now have. I'm clearing out lots of scrap stuff. I'm sick of hanging onto things I don't use. Have given away a tonne of paper and there's still more to go! I actually wonder how we lived here before! Life is just rolling along I cannot believe it's September already. We are preparing for Lola's first birthday in November and Christening party then on to Poppy's 4th birthday - she has requested "Tinkerbell everything" and I'm having a crack at a dolly varden cake! LOVE them!

I have been doing a little'll be seeing some photo double ups as some pics are needed for both girls' albums. These are dodgy pics...not time to scan and stitch!
We had an awesome Father's day! One of Tony's mates and his family were over from Sydney and so we had a great morning tea with them and his other mates...actually all his groomsmen. My how times have changed...wives, toddlers and babies everywhere...just wonderful really!

Have a wonderful week!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009 mojo!

Yep my scrapping has come to a HUGE halt! And I mean HUGE! Just have had no time, energy, enthusiasm for it in months! It feels strange...I have been through creative dry spells before but never to this degree. I really have no desire for DTs, mags's all very "F.L.A.T" at the moment! I really need to get some new photos developed and I would imagine that will get me going again! But finding the time is the problem!

I do want to keep up with Lola's album and she is one cute subject! So best I get myself some pics and start recording my family moments!
Life with two kids is so much more hectic. Poppy seems alot more settled since we have moved home and lots of things have fallen into place - including toilet training - finally! She is great company at the moment and has me in stitches most of the time!
Lola has been sick but is on the road to recovery thank goodness!
oh here is my new scrap space - a built in desk behind bifold doors in the familyroom!... LOL - if only I was scrapping!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wild windy weather...

Well it has been blowing a gale here and pouring with rain! Great for the plants but keeps us cooped up inside!!
So we have been doing puzzles, reading, drawing, and even baking! While I don't like winter, I do like winter food! Have dragged out the slow cooker and we have tried lots of yummy WW casseroles and a delish chicken pie! Poppy LOVES cooking...She didn't get that from me - from both Nan's I think! And the best part of baking a cake is licking the beaters - of course!

And this little cheeky girl is just gorgeous but still not crawling - doesn't really like being on the ground - would much rather everyone hold her and entertain her!LOL!

And three more dodgy photos of more LOs for the 20 LO challenge - really like the "clever" one the other two...hmmm??? Not so much! So that is 9 LOs so far and one on my desk so half way there! Luckily because I am sooooooo eyeing off the new October afternoon papers!

Thanks for popping by!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

LO challenge...

So I am well underway with my "20 LOs from my stash before I can buy anthing new" challenge!
Here are the first 5, plus I have done a double...sorry about the dodgy pics, usually I scan and stitch but I can't be bothered!
DH came home with a 24 hour vomitting flu on Friday...I had it last night, so I'm feeling pretty ordinary today! Hope the girls don't get it!
Love this one of Lola
White with one challenge

Love that vintage bambi iron on!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lola @ six months & rainy day fun...

It's a rainy old day here today so Poppy wanted to make an "egg lady" - a quick and fun activity. We blew all the egg out, washed the egg then decorated with old bits of PP, buttons and flowers. You need to use strong glue. Poppy needed a lot of help but older kids could do this with ease! Apparently this little one is Sophie - she's already is already hanging out in the dolls house!PMSL!

I'm finally uploading all the pics that have been sitting in my camera for months and look at this little beauty...she is such a sweetheart! Those eyes, that big gummy smile...ahhhh ...she melts my heart. She is looking alot more like Poppy at the same age I think it's those big chubby cheeks!
I have done some scrapping but am yet to scan them - I have sooooooooo much PP that I'm going in a pledge at the SM forum to do 20 LOs before I buy anthing new! I have already done 3 singles and 1 double! Well on my way! Still sorting out the house too...rearranging and seeing what works best for us!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Woooooooo Hoooooooooo!

We are finally back in our house!!! YAY! That was the longest 6 months of my life LOL! Some very tiring and

stressful moments, hours and days along the way but luckily all worth it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the house and it's new size, layout and gadgets! We went from a two bedroom, one bathroom house with NO storage to a lovely renovated four bedroom, two bathroom home, new kitchen, familyroom, laundry, scrap space for me, walk-in linen cupboard, and a walk in robe for our room, linked to ensuite!!!

We still have a few bits and pieces to do, decorating inside but mainly outside, gardens etc...But I am LOVIN' IT!!! Storage everywhere!!! DH is happy - he's a neat freak. The girls are thrilled! Lola finally has a nursery and Poppy is having a ball rediscovering all her toys that were packed up.She also loves her new bed and room to play in! So we are all a very happy bunch!

It kinda feels like our life was on hold - living out of a suitcase for 16 weeks!!! Luckily my inlaws and Oma were all wonderful, helping out in soooo many ways! Then my lovely parents came down and help clean up and unpack!
So what has happened in 6 months???
  • They knocked off the back of my house the day I gave birth!
  • I had my beautiful baby girl - Lola Rose
  • Poppy turned 3
  • Lola was a wonderful and easy new baby sleeping and feeding, just divine!
  • Crazy Christmas and festive season as a family of 4
  • Lots of construction and mess in the house
  • They ripped out our kitchen and we had to move out of the house - "should be five weeks"....ummm try 16 weeks!
  • Lots of running around - living between three houses - stressful!
  • Poppy started kindy one day a week
  • Poppy started new swimming lessons - such a HUGE improvement.
  • Easter with my family in Gero
  • I got a new car - black Ford Territory 4wd.
  • I started back to work after Easter - 1.5 days a week - Lola refused the bottle and cried all the time(a mumma's girl) More stress! Poor Lola and poor MIL!
  • I lost the 20 kg I put on while pregnant with Lola - joined WW and am now a committed member LOVE it! Still have a some toning up to do but it's all good!
  • Lola is HUGE - loves her solids, sitting up, rolling everywhere...
  • Lots of new babies in our friendship circle - so exciting!
  • Only scrapped 5 LOs in the last 6 months - all my supplies were packed up.
  • Tonnes of photos and scrapping and socialising to catch up on.
  • Lola and Poppy are both sleeping throught the night since we moved home! YAY!
  • Now at home, all happy, healthy, smiling and loving our cosy family and home. Sounds cheesy but it's true! LOL!

These were a couple of LOs for Scraploot...

Not sure if anyone is even still checking in here LOL! Off to check out other blogs!
Photos of the house, kids and LOs soon!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still floating about...just...

Well I'm hardly at home at all - the mess just got worse with two new doorways being knocked in/out? One in Poppy's old room and one in our bedroom - rubble and dust EVERYWHERE!!! But we are on track and the fittings are arriving - bath and laundry cabnets are it is taking shape!

Therefore, no scrapping, just hanging out a Dh's Oma's house to give my inlaw's a break from us!

Poppy is great...growing like a weed, lovin' school and swimming lessons and Lola is a delight...cute and easy going!

So I'm still about but I doubt any scrapping will occur until after Easter!
Hope you are all happy and well..thanks to those who still pop by! XX

Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick share...

Well the kitchen has gone completely so the house is an utter mess...stuff everywhere - all a bit stressful really! So we are living up the road with my Inlaws who have been fabulous! We are going between the two houses...roll on Easter, when this will hopefully be over! YAY!

But my little woes are nothing really when you hear of all those families who now have no homes and worse still those who have lost love ones to the bush sad and senseless!

A quick share...some LOs for Wicked Princess Kits..these kits are great value and full of fabulous products! This month I played with the girly and fun Enchantress kit!Check it out here !

Not sure when I'll be back on...soon I hope! LOL!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My big kindy girl...

Well she was lovin' it when I left her this morning...surprisingly I felt a bit teary when dropped her off! She wasn't worried in the slightest far too busy looking at the toys and puzzles.
Her school bag is as big as her! LOL! And she wouldn't let me help her carry..."I do it myself mumma!"

and this was my kitchen this morning...

and my kitchen by lunchtime - eeeeeek!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For sale.........

Nothing at all to do with scrapping...LOL but due to our renovations, I am selling this gorgeous antique kitchenette... in great condition - needs a new latch on one door. If you are local (Perth) and at all interested email me for more details! . I'm sad to see it go!

I'm hanging out to scrap but the kitchen gets knocked out/down tomorrow so the everything is everywhere....I'm a bit over it but it will be worth it in the end!
What a week...Poppy started new swimming lessons at a new pool and the teacher was fantastic! She did more in one lesson this week than she has in the last year at the old place. So glad we made the move. Even I hopped in with her for a play...scary...still have lots of "baby weight" to lose!! But well on my way!
Miss P starts 3yr old Kindy tomorrow...she can't wait! I know she'll love it but I worry too as she has never been in the care of anyone except family....excited and nervous for her! I can't believe she has a bag and lunch box...where has my baby gone! ***Sigh***

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