Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's pink...

Poppy is sitting at my feet building with her duplo blocks...

Me - "What colour is that one?"
P - "it's pink"
Me - " No hun, that one is red"
P - "oh red"
Me "what colour is that one?"
P - "it's pink"
Me - "no hun, that one is blue"
P - "oh blue"
Me - "what colour is that one?
P - "it's pink"......'s endless...and there is not one pink block in sight.....*sigh* LOL!
She does own a whole lot of pink stuff so I guess the world does look quite pink to her!

I have some mojo going on and got 3 LOs done over the weekend.And this is my final LO for the Scraploot challenge - I can't be considered for the DT as they want an exclusive team - So I am out of the running....but it was fun to play along! For this week we had to 'Jack' a LO...harder than I thought!...This one was based on a LO by Sheree...I "heart" this photo of Poppy! And 2 for the the lovely Di -she has a new bub, the very gorgeous "Zak" a few of us are helping her make a start on his are two that I have done for her!

Oh and we are a bit excited as we got tickets with some friends to go and see the Playschool show in September...and also Justine Clarke - remember her as Roo on home and away in the late 80s? Her kids songs are so much fun...awwww Poppy's first concerts!

The 19 week scan went well on Thursday - bub is the right size, all the organs look good, strong heart and very bloody active - the pics are quite blury as he/she wouldn't stop wiggling about!
I will post some pics in later. I have to go back for a scan at 32 weeks as they are concerned I have a low placenta - shouldn't really be a problem as I have to have a c-section but my Ob. needs to know exactly where it is or it could be a problem if I went into early labour! So it' all good! We didn't find out the gender although I was dying to know - what do you think I'm having ?
Leave me your choice in the comments section...LOL

Well off to get ready for Mother's group...have a great week!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wet weather...

Hmmmmmmm I know we need the rain but geez...I hate wet weather - especially with an energetic toddler. We prefer to go to the park or play in the backyard! At least we had mother's group this morning and she ran riot inside with her favourite partner in crime a gorgeous boy called Nate. They get pretty wild together but have a ball! Also oooohhhed and ahhhhhhhed over a precious new bub called Violet...such a pretty name for such a sweet lil girl!**cluck, cluck**

Some more LOs to share...

This one is for SCRAPTIVATE.... using the delish new Making Memories pps. They are having a HUGE stocktake sale with 20% off I suggest you get on into the shop...such an inspirational store, overflowing with wonderful designs and products!!!!

I caught up with some of the gorgeous girls from the SM forum last Friday for a crop last Friday as Scraptivate and of course I kinda just ate and talked all night but I did get the best part of this LO done for Scraploot challenge # 5 - colour combo of orange, blue, white, black and pink!

I was really happy with the LO except for the paint...bit dark maybe? bit naff? LOL!
And this one was just for me...
The I've had the PP for AGES just waiting for the right photos... Miss P scrapping away!

And a quick pic of Miss P on her bike heading off to the park for a play.... Very colour co ordinated there!!LOL! A least she is a little more willing to look at the camera these days!

We are currently looking for a 3 year old kindy placing for Poppy next year as the school she will going to only starts at 4 year old kindy. Because 3 year old kindy is not subsidised by the govt. it seems to cost an arm and a leg for two mornings a week!! Hmmm...hopefully we'll find something in the next couple of weeks!

I have my 19 week scan on Thursday...very excited to see the bub again! He/she is very active and I have been feeling those little kicks for a couple of weeks now! Can't believe I am nearly half way!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

My creative girl...

Awwwww occasionally she will sit still! LOL! Tony is a footy most of today(Sunday) so Miss P and I decided to do a little creating! She quite likes sticking and glueing - But SHE has to hold the glue stick - such a stuborn lil chook! We had fun though!

I have done one more LO for the Scraploot challenge #4 - Multiple pics, rub ons, punches and hand cutting patterns...Here is what I came up with...Poppy on the bouncy castle in Freo last week. She LOVES LOVES LOVES the bouncy castle - talked about it for DAYS!

Got another LO on the go for Scraptivate, using some delish MM papers and I'm heading over to the shop on Friday night to meet up with some local girls for a crop. If you are a local and want to come along there are still a few places - just ring the shop!

All is great here and my belly is ever expanding - although I generally hate being in photos I have decided to take a photo each month to show the growing process! LOL! So here is week 16 - 4 months...I was this size at 28 weeks with Poppy - so yep I feel HUGE! But bub is growing so that the main thing. I had two dreams last night that it was a boy????? Hmmmmmm what's that all about!?

Have a great week! I'm planning on scrapping - the mojo is back!!! YAY!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Freo fun....

Well it was a long weekend here this on Monday we headed down to Fremantle for the morning. There is always a great atmosphere and lots to do and look at! We love to go and check out the markets, the cafes, the shops and the BEST fish and chips in Perth @ Cicerellos! They have these HUGE fishtanks in the cafe - Poppy was very intrigued with the sealife. It overlooks the boats and is just great for families!

Here's Poppy lovin' the chippies...

Riding the merry-go-round in the park...loving every minute!
Remember the character - Bazil Brush???
I LOVE this two favourite people...

Not much else and a touch of scrapping - although not as much as I would like. I have loads of ideas, loads of product but either no time or too tired to get into it!

Challenge #3 for Scraploot -colouring in, no cardstock, buttons, felt...I scrapped these summer photos of Poppy and her cousin Crawford...these are some of my all time favourite photos! Lil monkey's under the sprinkler!