Saturday, April 30, 2011

make something please.....

so I did....I made this lil mixed media frame forJulie Heard...she's rounded up a pile of scrapper/arty people to make inspirational canvases and frames to be auctioned off for a cancer charity! I was flattered to be asked!

So here is my attempt with my favourite Mandela quote!

Lots of vintage papers, doilies and buttons...

Kinda cute!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter...

Well I have to say I do LOVE traditions and celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. We usually spend Easter in Geraldton with my family but this year we stayed in Perth and celebrated with my inlaws. There are no other children in their families so my girls LOVE all the attention!
We carried out our usual tradition of making our Easter baskets to use on Easter morning for the egg hunt! They are very simple but the girls adore making them and so do I! We use a simple regular egg carton and cut it in half. They girls have a ball painting them any way that they like - the brighter and messier the better I say!

Once the paint is dry we staple a paper/cardboard handle onto each carton and decorate with Easter stickers, glitter or this year it was wooden ladybugs and paper butterflies!

The reason why we love these hand made baskets is because they allows for six eggs to be collected by each child. It was originally my sister's idea as she has 4 children and the egg hunt could become quite stressful as the older kids would all the eggs first and arguing would breakout! With these baskets they all know how many to find, everyone gets the same amount and same size plus once your basket is full you can sit on the verandah and start eating, allowing the younger ones to find their eggs at their own pace. It was an early start in our garden this years and the girls had so much fun! Poppy was running around and showing her generous nature by sharing and helping her little sister. Mind you Lola worked it out very quickly too! Look at the sheer joy on their simple yet priceless!The day continued with a delicious lunch, more chocolates, some new books and winter tracksuits from Nanny(another tradition!). It really was quite a relaxing day. As I look at these photos I realize how grown up my girls are. They have been playing so nicely together these holidays, I love to watch their sisterly bond grown and develop!

Hope you had a fun filled Easter!