Monday, December 20, 2010

oh I LOVE Christmas...

Like everyone it's been a fun and busy few weeks....

  • last of the presents bought and wrapped

  • Staff Christmas party - ummmmmm one to many champers! But you get that!

  • Photos with Santa at David Jones - Lola did sit on his knee but didn't look overly happy. LOL! But at least we got a photo, the little boy in front of us just wouldn't look at the camera or Santa!

  • We are all on holidays - YAY, YAY, YAY!

  • Had early Christmas with the Corbett family - everyone was very spoilt, I have lots of cash for the sales, the girls got zhu zhu pets, dolls, a beautiful wooden fairy house... and that's just the beginning!

  • Off to Gero for a week - my family for Christmas this year. Poppy is counting down the days, she ADORES her older cousins.

  • I did rush my Christmas cards but at least I got them done! I do love the pic of the girls!

I really am hoping to do some scrapping in January....I have lots to catch up on!

To anyone who still actually reads this - more of a family record than a scrapping blog at the moment, wishing you a Merry and safe Christmas!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kindy is officially over for Poppy. She has had such a LOVELY bunch of kids in her class and the most divine teachers! We really are so so happy with her start to school! The class did a gorgeous little "concert" for the families and Poppy even had to introduce one of the songs!

She was great and I heard she helped one or two nervous boys during the rehersals!Gorgeous girl! We also had a lovely get together for all the families from the class at a park, Santa came, lots of laughs! Like I said a really lovely bunch of people. I wonder who will be in her class next year?
A quick Christmas craft idea...a paper plate wreath. I LOVE paper plates and brown bags for kids craft! With this one you simply cut the centre out, paint it green and add your choice of decorations, stickers, glitter. I think a bow in the centre at the bottom would finish it off nicely!

More kids crafts to follow as we are now on holidays I think Poppy will want to keep busy!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I can't believe this little blossom is FIVE years old! I know people always say it but where has the time gone? There was ALOT of cake this year! Cupcakes for kindy, a cake on the day and a cake for her "hula" party on the weekend!She loved her pressies - spoilt as always! So I have been busy with the girls parties and cakes! Busy with lots happening at work. I have a new contract for next year - exactly what I was hoping for which is wonderful! Geeze we might even have a little money next year! School has build a brand new Early Learning Centre and I was lucky enough to be able to do lots of ordering of lovely new equipment! That is a dream come true! Christmas is coming and I'm pretty much organised - just need to do the wrapping! YAY!

Poppy at FIVE -

  • Loves barbies
  • Loves imaginative play - dolls, dolls houses, lil people
  • Is enjoying weekly swimming and tennis lessons
  • Loves playing with friends and adore her cousins
  • Adores her teacher.
  • Likes Kindy but finds it tiring as she is still and early riser
  • Likes making things/arts/crafts
  • strong willed - like you wouldn't believe
  • Enjoys outside play, the park and animals
  • Still a tiny eater - favourite meal - lamb roast
  • Enjoys stories and reading
  • Starting to learn about letters, writes letters, numbers, her name and family members
  • Sings, sings, sings all day long.
  • She cracks us up all day long - funny story teller

We adore her, we love her, we can't imagine life with out this busy, loud, funny girl!

Back soon with some kids Christmas craft if you are interested!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Lola is TWO...

I can't believe our bubba is TWO already! She is such a funny lil girl! A really character with funny songs, noises, screeching, giggles and the most hilarious faces or looks that she pulls!
We had a small morning tea for her birthday with a few close friends! We went with the "hungry caterpillar" theme - invites, lolly bags, placemats, colouring in and of course the cake - all made by me. The kids all played beautifully and most importantly Lola had fun! Presents included - a wooden kitchen, dora bath doll, books, wooden threading toys, new dresses, hat, fairy dress, musical instrument, wooden farm set and her new big girls bed! With more to come!

AT TWO....

  • loves outside play and water/swimming time at Beaty Park
  • loves "drawing"
  • adores her big sister, follows her everywhere
  • loves blueberries, strawberries, toast and lollies!(was a great eater but not eating much these days - due to bronculitious sp?)
  • happy little personality even though often sick with asthma type cough.
  • stubborn streak just like her sister - knows her own mind!
  • Follows instructions easily and comprehends alot
  • Language is starting to improve with more and more words everyday.
  • LOVES animals from dogs to frogs....she just loves them all.
  • Had been an excellent sleeper until a few months ago - climbing out of her cot at 4am ready to start the in a bed and sleeping till about 5.30am. Still has a day sleep and is in bed at 6pm.
  • Social and loves other kids...
  • She likes books and stories especially flap books at the moment.
  • Has a range of funny and goofy faces that she is constantly pulling.
  • Affectionate and loves a cuddle.
  • Tries to dress herself and can put on her shoes(most of the time)
  • Likes to twirl and dance about.
  • Poppy taught her to "gallop" last week and it's how she generally moves about at the moment! Very cute!

We really do adore her and she completes our little family. I love to watch the bond between my two girls. They can drive each other crazy but they also love to play together, to cuddle and laugh. There is nothing sweeter than sisters.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

'bout time ...I know

OH MY GOD...she scraps....not one but two LOs....

My gorgeous Lola in her first "big girl bathers" all the nautical clothing around this year. I love my girls in red!

And our wonderful lucky are my girls to spend time with their great grandmother. Who still lives independently, cooks delicious meal, and can speak three languages. She teaches them lots of little dutch songs and sayings!

I don't know if I "still have it" with scrapping but I did enjoy these two...and most importantly the little memories behind them!

Lots going on as we are leading up to a big birthday season in our family - the very important ones being my girls. FIVE and TWO...I can't believe it! Life just flies doesn't it!

Back soon...

might even get a couple more LOs done!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

How can we make a REAL difference?

I have been pondering for a while now on how we as a family could do something to help others. I want my girls to be actively involved in "giving something back". Yes we donate to charities but I wanted something more physically evident to my girls, something that would be given directly to someone in need in our community!

Each year the school that I work at makes up "food boxes" for Saint Vincent de Paul. The kids all bring in a non - perisable food item and at the end of the term, just before Christmas the boxes are given to St Vinnies and the distribute them to local families in need.
I was thinking how can I do more? How can my own children be involved? Then I thought what if we made up our own box of food - as a family. We are definately not rolling in money but I know we could add two food items to our weekly food shopping. If we add them to a box each week over the school term we would have 20 items of food to help a family this Christmas. So simple!

So this is my challenge to YOU - join in this 10 week challenge!
  • Ring your local Vinnies and see if they are collecting food hampers at Christmas(I'm sure they will be!!!!) They may even "allocate" you a family ie "Mum with three kids/Mum, Dad and 4 kids/ Mum with a baby etc...
  • Find a large cardboard box - we are going to get the kids to decorate ours! Get them involved!
  • Each week for the next 10 weeks we are going to buy two extra food items - to go in the box for a family in need this Christmas!
  • I want my kids to be involved with choosing the items, arranging the box etc...
  • At the end of the 1o weeks deliver your box to St Vinnies.
I really want to see how many families we can help in our community! So I'm asking YOU and your family to get on board....go and find that box now, get your kids involved, your friends and family, your work maybe? If you are keen spread the word. Post this on your blog and leave me a comment so I know you are keen.
I'm tired of hearing "how can I make a difference? I'm just one person? etc..." Now is the time to really help some in your community. What did you last spend on shoes? Wine? Craft supplios,Take away? Two items a week in your food shopping is simple I'm sure!

I hope you will join me!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holiday fun - white crackle cakes...

Well we thought we might make something delicious today. Poppy has a few kids with egg allergies in her Kindy class, so when it is her birthday next month I don't want to risk sending in cup cakes, so we are doing a practise run with these cute little "crackle cakes"

Poppy even matched up the colours - clever chook!
So quick to whip up! You can even make them up to three days ahead and store in an airtight container!They are perfect for Xmas treats too!

Makes 20, Prep: 20mins, Cooking: 2 mins.

2cups rice bubbles
50g butter
1 cup of white mashmallows
30g white chocolate melts, melted
20 lollies, jaffas, lollie pops to decorate.

1. Place rice bubbles in a large bowl. Combine butter and marshmallows in a small saucepan and melt over a low heat until smooth. Pour onto rice bubbles and stir to combine.
2. Spoon mixture into mini patty cases and leave to set for 20 minutes.
3. Spoon white chocolate ove the crackles and top with a lolly! Leave to set!

Healthy - not really, Easy - yes, fun - yes, Yummo - yes!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm alive.....


Well the craziness of our busy lives at the moment has completely drained any creativity out of me! Not the will, just the energy! Life is great just more than a little bit busy!

For the last 3 weeks of the school term I took on a relief possition in the 4 Year old kindy, so I was basically fulltime! It really wore me out - not the actual teaching - the kids, parents and assistants were fantastic. It was the emotional toll on my kids, the stress of getting everything organised, Poppy's tears in the mornings....I do not know how mums work fulltime with little ones. My part time position is perfect for me but I realise that you couldn't pay me enough to miss out on my girls on a fulltime basis!For some mums there is no other option - and I respect those who can juggle it all alot better than me! To add to the whole situation Lola learnt how to climb out of her cot and has been waking up and roaming around from between 4.45 - 5.15am most mornings - it waaaaaayyyyyy to early and exhausting.*Yawn*. Let hope it passes once we get her a bed!
  • we've been working on the "playroom" - it has stalled due to my working.
  • we went to the Playschool concert - I swear the mums and dads love it more than the kids! Such great value - and so much more "personal" than events like the massive Wiggles type concerts!
  • my selfless mum came down from Geraldton to look after my girls for two weeks - what a wonderful nanny she is.
  • lots of crafting with Poppy and "writing" she's very interested in words and letters at the moment
  • a fun day the Perth Royal Show - just Dh, myself and Poppy - Lola is too much of a runner at the moment. Poppy had a ball with animal petting, show bags, rides and face painting.

  • Planning Poppy's "Hula Hula" party - she will be FIVE!!!! And Lola's "Hungry Caterpillar" party she will be TWO! They are meant to be small parties this year but I love all the little details and making the cakes. They are growing waaaaayyyyy to quickly!
  • We are now on holidays and have lots to do. The early starts are still killing me - sooooo NOT a morning person! But I have started walking - trying to lose a few more kilos and it's good for my mental state - LOL!

I desperately want to scrap, sew, create, lots of courses I'd love to do but just soooooo tired! Hopefully I'll get some photos printed this week and get creating!

I'm not sure if anyone even bothers to pop in here any more but I'm hoping to share some creativeness soon!


Monday, August 2, 2010

a quick share....

Yep here is one LO....LOVE this pic of Miss P. You know, she use to drive me crazy....I love her (obviously) but I always stressed about her. But not any more! I did this amazing course and got a whole new outlook on life - especially my relationship with Poppy. Now I look at her through different eyes. I treat her differently - "better" to be honest. In return our relationship is so brilliant, she is so much easier to manage, to love, to be happy with, to just enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time flies.....

Well we have been busy busy busy...and this sad lil blog has been neglected. No scrapping has been done in this house due to mainly illness -

  • a trip to Gero for the first week of the school holidays

  • both girls got sick - for the following TWO weeks - we were stuck at home - missed b'day parties and play dates. It nearly drove me crazy!!!!

  • one trip with Lola to PMH - she had Bronculitious(sp?) and was struggling to breathe(scary much???).Worked out it's viral so they couldn't give her anything to clear it!

  • Dh got a mild dose of the flu and so did I.

  • We had my brother's 40th - lots of fun!

  • good news is I've got another half day of work which is excellent - I really LOVE my job!

  • constantly trying to declutter and organise this house - does anyone else struggle with this?

  • switching some rooms around - dining room into the formal lounge room which we never use and making the dining room into a playroom for the girls! The painter is here right now painting it all white! I'm going for a girly shabby chic look!

  • Lola has decided to start toilet training - by herself! Clever chook - but she is constantly taking her nappy off - it's time consuming but great too!!! So different to Miss P - she took AGES!!!

  • Lola is so busy these days - she thinks she is running the show!

  • Poppy has started some fun Tiny Tots Tennis lessons - the guys running it are excellent! I really want her to try a range of activities and to find out what she really enjoys.

  • We are all much better now and hopefully some creativeness will occur!Hoping to join in the CC at Scrapbooksavvy this weekend!

Hope all is well in your world....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scrapping at Savvy

Last week I had a crack at a couple of the CC challenges at Scrapbook Savvy lil forum with a very tempting shop!!!

And the very exciting news is that I WON the two challenges I entered, scoring a $10 voucher for each. More than happy about that as I haven't been in a CC for ages!!!
Here is one of the LOs - Yummo. It's Miss P at Easter, love these bright BG papers and those woodgrain letters ***sigh***! The other LO got picked up for publication!
And this is an enormous birthday card for Poppys gorgeous Kindy teacher! Her birthday is in a few weeks. I was sneaky and got each child to draw themselves and then I assembled the rest with bits from my stash. It's very bright and very big - poster size! I'm sure she'll like it!

We have been busy as always and life rolls along. Miss P has a cold that is lingering and lil Miss L is becoming more grown up everyday. I thought she was going to be far more mellow than Poppy but no...another wild, fun, expressive girl on our hands!

I have been surfing arty crafty blogs trying to round up gorgeous posts for the kids crafts blog. I just need to have made or find a blinky...if anyone can help please yell out - I've never had to do one before!

I found a few fabulous posts on creating a fairy garden so that is going to be our project in the next week! Very cute, very creative and full of magical learning and play - just the way we like it! I will post some pics when we are done!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have been toying with an idea for quite sometime. I have always loved teaching arts and crafts and all types of creative activities with my students at school. This year as I am teaching the Three Year Old Kindy program I find myself looking for lots of fun crafts, planned play and creative exploring for little ones. Poppy at 4 years of age has taken a keen liking to creating and drawing too! There are so many fabulous ideas, blogs and tutorials on the net. So I'm hoping to open a blog that bring all those wonderful ideas to one place.

I'm looking for crafty people who have been dreaming, creating and exploring with their children. Toddlers to teens - all ideas welcomed. Are you interested in contributing? What do I need from you? A clear photo of your craft item or activity for my new blog and a link to your blog post or tutorial so people can find out more from you!

Are you interested? Know of another crafty blogger who might be?
Please email me at -

I would love to get this up and running so parents, teachers and children can start sharing their creative goodness!

Up and coming themes

  • Autumn

  • Birdies

  • Painting

  • Rain

If you have something to share please send me a pic and drop me a line!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Growing great girls...

Quick LO of the girls from our holiday in Margaret River. The flower is from a tutorial over at the Studio Calico blog. Mine is a bit wonky but it's a first attempt! They have lots of great ideas on that blog!

I am reading this book at the moment...such an easy, sensible book on raising girls. Everything from toddlerhood to teenagers. With two precious girls to guide through this life I figure I can use all the help I can find! Poppy is a very highly spirited and strong willed girl and quite complex. We often clash to be honest. She is outwardly very loud, social and outgoing but as she is getting older I think she takes alot to heart and is starting to doubt herself. She overthinks things and because she is all noise and smiles publicly people assume she lets upsetting things "wash" over her, not so. I know I will really have to watch her as she gets older. She is all about extremes. Either deleriously happy and loving or devastated and low. And all this at four!
Last year I read this one and should refer back to it actually. Lots of really interesting info on kids like Miss P. I don't think books on parenting can solve all your problems but I think you can have a read, take what "speaks" to you and use it. Surely we should all be open to doing a better job with these little people who are entrusted to us?!!
She really is so special and wonderful I just want to guide her in the best way I can. She sang at "Mother's Day" at Kindy and made me a very "fancy" necklace. The best thing was the card she drew - the picture kinda does look like me! LOL! Not bad for four!
We had a lovely Mother's day with breakfast out, and then a play and an icecream at the lake in the afternoon. I got a gorgeous new bag, some Oroton earrings and some Leona Edminton tights( SIL works for Leona! YAY!). So very spoilt.

What did you do for Mother's Day? Any good books on your desk?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh she scraps....

Occassionally...LOL...wish it was more! Have some new sass, BG and delish October Afternoon to play with so no excuses!We had a lovely holiday over Easter - up to Gero to see my family. Lots of wine, chocolate, family and fun. Just love hanging out with my family. Poppy adores her older cousins and they take such good care of her.

Then we scored this enoromous house down south - Margaret River - absolutely STUNNING. Views of forest and ocean on every side! Tennis court, pool, the works and only 3 minutes from town! Poppy and I went for "cinno's" every morning while Lola slept. We hit some wineries, saw a friend on their farmstay and just had a lovely time!

Now we are all back to work and school and life is still rolling along...we are all happy, healthy, is good!
Girls from the last post who would still like those bunnies please email me your addy to
More LO's in progress....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Battery problem...

Well the good news is that my camera only needs a new battery - will pick one up this week.

  • Have been doing some extra teaching days and just don't have a spare minute.

  • Have actually been scrapping but obviously have no pics right now.

  • Have been decluttering - this seems endless

  • Have been getting ready for Easter with lots of crafty fun with Poppy - including potato prints, paper plate Easter Hat, cards for her teachers, an Easter collage and some baking! She loves our time together when Lola sleeps!
  • Have been watching Lola's walking improve and she now thinks she is running the house - she is a bossy boots!

  • Preparing to travel to Gero for Easter to see my family - Poppy is VERY excited about hanging out with her cousins and wants to write a letter to the Easter Bunny so he knows where to find us! Too cute!
  • Here is Poppy's Easter collage - we had a great chat about new life and the real meaning of Easter while making this!
If you a someone who is actually bothering to read this and has a toddler at home who would like some of those paper bunnies and some other "Easterish" small embellishments, leave me a comment and I will pick a couple of names out and send some to you for your littlest crafter!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


A quick card for a gorgeous new bub....

I've got a couple of LOs but NO pics because....

My camera battery is not recharging - not sure if it's the charger or the actual battery! HOW ANNOYING!!!! DON'T YOU HATE THAT! LOL! Those annoying little things that you have to run around to get fixed. God knows when I'll get time! DH is at a conference ALL weekend too! BLAH!Enough whinging - we did have a lovely, busy weekend last week. We had a weekend in Bridgetown. What a lovely place! We stayed at a farmstay and the kids loved the all the animals! We spent hours at Donnybrooke's awesome Apple Park! It is literally the best kids playground I have ever seen - in a small country town aswell! Apparently some woman left nearly a million dollars to the community when she passed on and wanted to have something built for the town! How amazingly generous! Definately worth the trip just for the fun we had here!
Other than - work as usual, kindy, trying to get a painter, finishing of some bits around the house!
Right....we are off for a playdate....gotta run. Hopefully be back with pics of scrapping!

Sunday, February 28, 2010's been hot!

I love the heat but sheesh...even I'm a bit over it this week! These two love the splasher pool though!Not much on the scrapping front that I can share...did some extra days at work this week at school and it really tires me out - so no scrapping in the evenings. LOL! Have been picking up so many great kids books and vintage fabrics at swapmeet and op shops! I have just finished up a "vintage handmade embellishment" swap at the BOXX. So great to see all the ideas that other's come up with! I have got some delish new supplies - some funky Sasslass and can't wait to get my mitts on some new BG and October Afternoon! Should get some LOs finished this week! Have been coming up with lots of fun open ended activities for my gorgeous 3 Year Old kindy classes. I am really LOVING this job and will sign up for some further Early Childhood Education Units mid year!
Today(it's a public holiday - YAY!) we headed over to Hyde Park for a family market/fun day. Wandered around..Poppy had a pony ride and some other rides, lunched on lawns...really nice but it just got too hot so we headed home. And now both girls are having an afternoon sleep - BLISS!
We are heading to Bridgetown next weekend for a family weekend away! Too exciting! It's a farm stay with A-frame Units. I'm sure the kids will love all the animals. It's the first family "holiday" with the four of us!
Hope you have a great week ahead - what are you up to?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

She's on the move...

A quick share of some creativity...some cute lil cake topper I made for my Teaching Assistants! We have had a great start to the year and I took them these muffins for Valentines day!

And a LO using some new Basic Grey - I love this range. Really liking yellow at the moment and can't get enough of Kraft as a base. The darker small circles are actually punched holes(that's my floorboards underneath!). Lola is SUCH a climber and this documents that!
I have some other work done but will share that later!

This gorgeous girl finally started walking this week - at 15.5 months!
She has been cruising for months and months...but was always too busy chasing Poppy to bother with taking the time to actually walk! She is still quite wobbley and even fell and smashed her cheek on the doorframe - poor lil thing. But she is pretty pleased with herself as she often gets a round of applause when she does walk!LOL! She also LOVES to blow kisses with the loud sound effect of MWAH! Too cute!
Life is busy as usual but I feel like we are all heading in the right direction as a family. It's all falling into place - the house, Poppy's school, Lola growing and learning, my job, Tony and I...It's never perfect but it just feels GOOD - how nice is that! LOL!
My sister is staying tomorrow night - get the champers in the fridge!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rolling along...

Well we seem to be getting back into the swing of work and school! Poppy is loving Kindy - no suprises there! I have already scrapped one of her pics! YAY! How cute is that phonics domino tile...picked them up in an opshop - a whole box for the grand total of a dollar! Cheapest embellishment ever! Also have a LO of Poppy on her 4th B'day. It still needs journalling but I am yet to go out and get a new scanner/printer! I'm going to list her likes and all the things she can do. I have the list ready to go!

We had a ball on the weekend at our friend's 40th B'day which was a 70s theme! Everyone got really dressed up. We went decked out in "Fro's"...what a hilliarious sight! Poppy didn't recognise DH at first because he had hair and I coloured his tragic moustashe(sp?) in...he is normally ginger!
Lola is FINALLY taking a few more 15 months she still prefers to crawl and cruise - no time nor patience to actally walk! But just today she took more independent steps than I have ever seen her take to date!
Hope you are having a great week - off to make some Valentines cards for Grandparents and teachers!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ohhhhhhhh want to win some cuteness?

Go here....if you want the chance to win some cute orange goodness...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And so it begins...

SCHOOL..Dh is teaching grade 4, I'm teaching Pre-Kindy(for the first time) and Miss Poppy is off to her new school for 4 Year Old Kindy! I must say I think I'm in love with my job already! The kids are gorgeous, the parents are friendly and my teaching assistants - fantastic! What more could you want! Poppy is also LOVING her new Kindy, her teacher is gorgeous! Poppy has a staggered start and only had to stay for an hour each day.

Poppy - Why can't I stay all day?
Me - Because some kids might be upset. They might need time to settle in. They might cry for their mums.
Poppy - But I won't cry. Why can't the crying kids go home and I could still stay!
Me - Hmmmmmmmmm
Gotta love that confience!
So it has been busy around here with all of us getting ready for school. I'm also teaching a very basic scrap class tomorrow with 20 Year 11 girls! Should be interesting. Apparently they are all excited!LOL!
I have still kept my "1 LO a week" goal...but my stinkin' printer/scanner is playing up! So only one (tragic quality of image)LO to share...
Lots of retro/vintage tags and buttons for a swap I'm hosting at the BOXX.
A LO for the new Kraft challenge site...
Have also been stock piling lots of vintage doilies and fabric that I have found at Op shops! Now if only I could sew! I will get onto it!
I also need to have a HUGE clean out again...over hanging onto stuff I don't need! But what a mission to list it all on Ebay! I will get there though!
Hope you had a great week!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!!

As in it is sooooooooo HOT here at the moment! I must say though, I do love hot weather but this is a bit much! We are cooped up inside under the aircon. The kids are getting a bit stir crazy! We've been baking gingerbread and mini quiches to occupy ourselves. Poppy loves cooking and Lola loves eating - it's a win/win situation

Favourites this week include Poppy learning to ride her new big girl's bike!
I have actually been scrapping...getting some pics from last year finished off. My scanner is playing up so these images are bit rough but you get the idea! I even have a couple more - just putting on the finishing touches!
Dh had his birthday yesterday - we celerated out at lunch with his family on Sunday, followed by coffee and cake at our place! It was lovely and he got all the pressies he was hoping for!

Poppy is all ready for her new Kindy - clothes, bag, display file, spare clothes...all packed and ready to go! She is excited and I'm really pleased about the school she is off to!

Lola is delightful...although I she is going to a stubborn little Miss, just like her big sister. Nearly walking - at 14.5months, pretty much the same as Poppy.
We really have been enjoying theses holidays!