Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have been toying with an idea for quite sometime. I have always loved teaching arts and crafts and all types of creative activities with my students at school. This year as I am teaching the Three Year Old Kindy program I find myself looking for lots of fun crafts, planned play and creative exploring for little ones. Poppy at 4 years of age has taken a keen liking to creating and drawing too! There are so many fabulous ideas, blogs and tutorials on the net. So I'm hoping to open a blog that bring all those wonderful ideas to one place.

I'm looking for crafty people who have been dreaming, creating and exploring with their children. Toddlers to teens - all ideas welcomed. Are you interested in contributing? What do I need from you? A clear photo of your craft item or activity for my new blog and a link to your blog post or tutorial so people can find out more from you!

Are you interested? Know of another crafty blogger who might be?
Please email me at -

I would love to get this up and running so parents, teachers and children can start sharing their creative goodness!

Up and coming themes

  • Autumn

  • Birdies

  • Painting

  • Rain

If you have something to share please send me a pic and drop me a line!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Growing great girls...

Quick LO of the girls from our holiday in Margaret River. The flower is from a tutorial over at the Studio Calico blog. Mine is a bit wonky but it's a first attempt! They have lots of great ideas on that blog!

I am reading this book at the moment...such an easy, sensible book on raising girls. Everything from toddlerhood to teenagers. With two precious girls to guide through this life I figure I can use all the help I can find! Poppy is a very highly spirited and strong willed girl and quite complex. We often clash to be honest. She is outwardly very loud, social and outgoing but as she is getting older I think she takes alot to heart and is starting to doubt herself. She overthinks things and because she is all noise and smiles publicly people assume she lets upsetting things "wash" over her, not so. I know I will really have to watch her as she gets older. She is all about extremes. Either deleriously happy and loving or devastated and low. And all this at four!
Last year I read this one and should refer back to it actually. Lots of really interesting info on kids like Miss P. I don't think books on parenting can solve all your problems but I think you can have a read, take what "speaks" to you and use it. Surely we should all be open to doing a better job with these little people who are entrusted to us?!!
She really is so special and wonderful I just want to guide her in the best way I can. She sang at "Mother's Day" at Kindy and made me a very "fancy" necklace. The best thing was the card she drew - the picture kinda does look like me! LOL! Not bad for four!
We had a lovely Mother's day with breakfast out, and then a play and an icecream at the lake in the afternoon. I got a gorgeous new bag, some Oroton earrings and some Leona Edminton tights( SIL works for Leona! YAY!). So very spoilt.

What did you do for Mother's Day? Any good books on your desk?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh she scraps....

Occassionally...LOL...wish it was more! Have some new sass, BG and delish October Afternoon to play with so no excuses!We had a lovely holiday over Easter - up to Gero to see my family. Lots of wine, chocolate, family and fun. Just love hanging out with my family. Poppy adores her older cousins and they take such good care of her.

Then we scored this enoromous house down south - Margaret River - absolutely STUNNING. Views of forest and ocean on every side! Tennis court, pool, the works and only 3 minutes from town! Poppy and I went for "cinno's" every morning while Lola slept. We hit some wineries, saw a friend on their farmstay and just had a lovely time!

Now we are all back to work and school and life is still rolling along...we are all happy, healthy, is good!
Girls from the last post who would still like those bunnies please email me your addy to
More LO's in progress....