Friday, October 23, 2009

OMG - some scrapping to share!

These were the LOs for each round of the Boxx Comp - it was really good to have a challenge and meet time deadlines - I always work well with time deadlines - I just get it done!

All good here - getting ready for Lola's first birthday/baptism - we are combining it to have one large party! She is such a delight. So happy and easy going and into EVERYTHING - she gets into things and then flashes a cheeky smile and gives a wicked little laugh! Can't believe this time last year I was 20kg heavier and awaiting this precious bub! She and Poppy get along so well - I love watching them "play" together!

Poppy has been much better with her behaviour and emotions lately - just growing up I guess. She still has her moments but I am consciously trying to manage her/repond to her in a more positive way. She is really starting to enjoy drawing and making things. She draw cute little pictures of people now - usually our family - very sweet and special!

Take care
Melis xx

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

busy fun...

Well the school holidays have been and gone! We love the holidays because DH is a teacher so we had him home for two weeks! Yay! We have been super busy and had lots of fun!

  • Went to Gero to see my family - Poppy had a ball hangin' with her big cousins, Lola was sick so we stayed in alot!
  • went to the Royal Show - left Lola with Nanny, so Poppy had a fabulous time! She LOVES the rides and has no fear! Loved the animals, face painting, games, food, showbags and the train ride home!

  • Went to the cutest fairy party at a fairy shop
  • Culling all my baby stuff - learnt how to list on e-bay and am selling at a baby market in Nov.
  • Getting rid of a pile of scrapping stuff - have given away literally about 100 pieces of paper!
  • Some scrapping - for the Boxx comp. - lots of fun!
  • Trips to into the city, the park and playground.
  • Trying to still sort out the house - reserected this old dresser for Poppy's room - very shabby chic - she loves it too!It's a really old kitchenette -partially stripped it, took the top and the doors off and add the baskets. I nearly gave it to my sister two weeks ago - lucky I didn't!

  • Now back at work...and a job change for next year is in the wind! A new position and I'm pretty excited about it. I have LOVED my job for the last two years but my position as it has been is no longer available!
  • Organising Poppy and Lola's birthdays and Lola's baptism.
  • Started making some cute felt/fabric/vintage button hair clips to sell.
  • More kids craft with Poppy - I LOVE making things with paper plates - they are cheap and so adaptable. The ideas are endless.

First one is a garden collage. You can do any theme. We've also made an under the sea one. You could do the beach, a jungle, space, fairyland, dinosaur land etc $2 shops are great for items to use. Paint the paper plate and then glue on other bits and pieces - it's that simple.(I cut out the clouds and she positioned the rest)!

Second one - an old favourite - paper plate fish! Cut out a triangular section and staple on as a tail. Paint, then for "scales" cut patti cake liners into quarters. Glue on in rows! Add a wobbley eye or a hand drawn one!She's pretty proud of her work! LOL!
Hope you are having a great week - will be back with some LOs!