Sunday, November 23, 2008

Be back with a RAK..

All going well here although very little scrapping - due to space constraints - not lack of wanting to get back into it! Also have to get a heap of photos printed!

Lola is a DREAM baby ....I'm utterly in love with her! She just feeds so well, sleeps, and delish! She is so easy.... Poppy has been *interesting* - loving towards Lola, just sooky and whingy towards Dh and I. I'm sure she'll get over it!LOL! She had her birthday party at an indoor playcentre - she is such a cack - she ran around like a maniac for about 3 hours! All our family and friends came along and she was thoroughly spoilt!

Miss Poppy's Strawberry Shortcake theme cake....
And if this divine lil girl doesn't make you clucky....god she makes me clucky for more...or that could be the hormones talking...either way it's is wonderful! She is feeding so well and gaining weight....

**** Will be back with RAK photos...promise!****

Sunday, November 16, 2008

She is three....

Well the wonderful Miss Poppy turns THREE today! My god the time just flies...

She was thoroughly spoilt with a scooter & helmet, art board and art set, large Dora doll &
Dora laptop, tea set, clothes, puzzles and books and a mini keyboard! With more to come....OMG ruined I tell ya!
We opened pressies, then went to Playgroup to share some pink cupcakes...and Poppy doesn't mind bashing out the Birthday song to herself ! She is having a party on Sunday at one of those toddler indoor centres - easy - no cooking and no cleaning up - I'm very happy with that one! And has requested Stawberry Shortcake cake - so I've gone with that theme!

From this...

To this....

At Three she...

  • loves books and loves being read to - any book, any time!

  • can count to 27
  • knows most colours
  • knows all the basic shapes ie circle, square...

  • loves people - will chat to anyone who looks her way, completely social

  • is into Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora and Playschool

  • loves water and sand

  • loves outdoor play, the park, swings, the backyard - collects sticks and leaves...

  • is a tiny eater - far too busy for food

  • is strong willed, noisy, has a great sense of humour already

  • loves to sing and dance around the house all day long

  • collects the mail daily and is thrilled to find those envelopes waiting for her

  • is a great sleeper - still has an afternoon nap every day!

  • Love creative roleplay and dress ups - loves to play "cafe" - making 'chino's for everyone!

  • Has just become a big sister and is loving and gentle with Lola

  • loves blowing out candles at everyone else's birthdays

  • Is affectionate but also independent

  • Adores her daddy

  • Is a bright ray of sunshine in our lives


Saturday, November 15, 2008

A thank you and a late Halloween LO & Pics....

Firstly, thanks for all the lovely well wishes and comments on the arrival of Lola. She is a seriously easy bub so far...just feeds and sleeps, hardly cries at easy! We are all madly in love with her!

Forgot to load up these Halloween pics and a LO for SCRAPTIVATE....using delish Cosmo cricket papers...lots of new stock in at the shop - Perth girls get in there!!!

My Nephew had his 18th Birthday on Halloween so of course a dress up party was in order...Poppy was indeed a VERY cute witch. We went trick and treating around my sister's neighbourhood, lots of lollies handed out! It was a great party...all the "teens/young ones" were dressed up and went to a great effort...they were all well behaved. We left quite early as it was only a few days before I had Lola...
Here are some pics of Poppy and the cup cakes I decorated for Blake's b'day!

It's Poppy's 3rd birthday tomorrow, baking more cupcakes today - check in over then next couple of days as I'm going to put together a "PINK" RAK - in celebration of Poppy's special day and our new pink bundle of joy.

Hope to get some scrapping done but I had to pack everything away... Lola's things have taken over the table I use as our renovations have started and space is limited...yep they literally knocked off the back of our house the day I went to hospital - looks like a cyclone has hit our back yard! So I got home with a new born and NO laundry, a VERY active toddler and no backyard...thank god for my MIL who has been a godsend - doing ALL our washing!

We went out for an amazing lunch yesterday, T. is taking Miss P off to church this morning then we are taking her to Macca's as a treat....she has been pretty housebound this week!Hope you are having a fab weekend !


Monday, November 10, 2008

He's out numbered....

Lola Rose
born on the 4th - Melbourne Cup Day at 1.50pm by c-section.
Weight - 7lb, 91/2 ounces
Length - 54 cm (long for a girl)
Head - 35 cm
Eye colour dark blue
Hair - dark brown

Thanks Lisa for letting blog land know! And thanks to all those who left warm wishes for our truly warms my heart!
Lola looked almost exactly like Poppy when she was born!! In those first tiring days in hospital I would wake in the night and think she was Poppy!

We woke early on the 4th and had a lovely big cooked breakfast as I would have to fast from 7am onwards. We were booked in for a 1pm C-section delivery. I really had hoped for a shot at a natural birth this time, after a stressful emergency ceasar with Poppy. But due to a few factors the safest option was a planned c-section. So we got organised and dropped Poppy off at my inlaws house...she stays there a bit so she wasn't stressed at all...I on the other hand sobbed as the car pulled out of the drive way!LOL!

We arrived at the hospital just after 11.30am, settled into my room, signed the last of the documentation, I showered and gowned up, Tony only just fitted into his outfit! And then we waited, I was wheeled down to a waiting area and the anethetist(sp?) was running late. Another couple were waiting across from us and the dad looked sooooo nervous - first timers!We missed the Melbourne cup and then things started moving. I HATE all things medical and needles freak me out but it all went pretty well...even though it didn't hurt much ,I sobbed and sobbed, mainly due to stress and nerves, during the placement of the epidural...the staff were great and Tony was amazing!!!Then my Ob walked in and all the theatre staff...everyone seemed cheery and lighthearted! They started the incision and the pulling - I HATE that freaks me out...they seemed to be pulling and pulling, I thought something was wrong...was the baby stuck??? But no, after few minutes she was out and we waited for that much anticipated cry...and cry she did, so did I!The Ob. covered her genitals and asked us to guess...boy or girl? All the staff were chanting boy or girl? Tony yelled Boy, I yelled girl and then all was revealed...another princess to add to our family. Tony is well and truly out numbered now.

It was such a better experience this time, they placed Lola straight on me, then checked her over - she was perfect - then she and Tony came with me to the recovery area...Last time Poppy was whisked away, I now realise that I had actally blocked out so much of her birth experience due to stress!
So all went well, breastfeeding, recovery and general emotions have all been so much easier on me. Lola is an absolute delight!She is sleeping and feeding so well! Poppy still thinks her name is charlie and tells everyone that her sister is charlie! Poppy was sick with a cold and the flu during the week so I didn't see her much and it broke my heart. But she is on the mend now and such a little helper now we are home!
So if you are still awake after all are some pics!LOL!


Wicked November kit...

Two LOs I did before I went to hospital - Wicked Kits Mermaid November...

Very shabby chic, vintagy papers Yummo!

The kit comes with a small Maya Road chippy album - I actually pulled it apart and used the hearts as embellishments on the Bond LO....

This is a LO I did for the latest SC Sketch feature....loved being apart of it but the pics of the LOs in the mag were tiny!!!!Loved the what the other girls came up with too! This is Poppy making gingerbread men with her cousin Darcy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hi folks ...its the witch here...just to let you know that
our wonderful friend and creative inspiration has
delivered a beautiful girl today ..
mother and baby are doing well.
let me just take this opportunity to welcome
lil LOLA into the special Corbett family.
heres what your in for
love to all

Monday, November 3, 2008

Any day now.......

Stay tuned........