Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Not much to share...

Well I have been maddly doing a 32 page album for a friend...it's for her dad's 70th! I had less than two weeks to complete it! Due to time constraints and the size I had to keep it REALLY simple - more of a photo album than the scrapping that I normally do! But that's what my friend wanted and she was pleased with it when I dropped it off today!

I'm glad I can get back to my own scrapping...have lots of ideas and certainly enough in my stash!!!

I noticed that my counter is already up to 983!!! What the???LOL!!! So if you happen to be the 1000th lurker on my blog( or closest after that number) leave me a message and I will send you a RAK...nothing tooo huge but definately great scrapping fun!

Will have some work to share soon! I will leave you with my lastest pic of Poppy....I'm really happy with this photo!


Jodie said...

mel she is sooo adorable
check her out in that argyle sweater!! shes too cool :D
miss p is growing up so fast!!


Lali said...

Well I was 992 you are a popular girl, I love that photo to can't wait to see what you do with it Mel. have a good one

Carla said...

Hi Mel,
just popped for a fix of your gorgeous scrappin' style (when I actually should be going to bed:) and was surprised to see I was the 1000th visitor - congrats on your blogging success.

tori412 said...

hi! i think i'm pretty close....1001!!! has anyone had the RAK yet? i've never had one before....not even sure what it means, lol. am a new scrapper and often visit your blog for inspiration.


scrapwitch said...

damn ..missed it by 4 ...hehheheheheh
not that i need a rak..because you are so generous to me ..
love this sweet little piccy of poppy...so cute ,love the argyle.

Kellie Hayes said...

awwww mel, just love that photo of Poppy, but then again, i love all the photos of Poppy!! so photogenic :)

cant wait to see your album too...

and pick ME pick ME!! lol

Anthea said...

thats a gorgeous piccy of poppy!

good luck with the album too! I know what they are like to scrap for someone else

Melissa said...

32 pages no wonder you have been busy, I am sure it would have been great!!!
What a gorgeous photo of Poppy, she is SO cute!!!