Monday, December 3, 2007

It's beginning to feel....

Alot like Christmas....

We are back from Melbourne and had a ball athough we missed our girl...still, it was great to have a few days just as a couple! Dinners & coffees, shopping - lots of shopping, movies, few was fabulous! Poppy was a good girl for her Nanny and Papa.
Now we are in Christmas mode, finishing up the shopping, Poppy had her photo with Santa - and no tears or tantrums but not much of a smile either, at least she sat on his knee! I just have to put up the tree, make my Christmas cards and few calendars for the grandparents!
Happy Birthday to MAZ!!!! X

An update of scrapping soon!



Amy said...

Aaah I'm so glad you had a great time Mel:-)
Miss P looks so adorable!
Cant wait to see the scrapping;-)

Julie said...

I love this pic of poppy she is looking so grown up.

Malin said...

Ohh sound like you had a lovely time :)
Always nice to go away for a while!!
Poppy is the cutest!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, such a cute pic!

Glad you had a wonderful time in Melbourne and we should catch up soon!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!


BELINDA said...

So glad to here that you had a great time and that Poppy was a good girl and her nanny's.
Look at Miss P...she is adorable!
Great photo.

Hetty said...

Good to hear you had a lovely time in Melbourne, it is nice to get away and recharge the battery so to speak. Hope to see some more of your layouts soon. Have a great weekend!!

Julie said...

glad to read you had a great time in Melbourne Melis - is a gorgeous city!!
How cute is little Miss Poppy!!

Julie H xx

Gallery 6 said...

Oh she is sooooo yummy - a BIG Christmas hug to Poppy from Millie! Get those Canon batteries charged Mel!!!

Kelley said...

That is the cutest pic Mel!!! Love it!! Cant wait to see how you scrap that one!

Lexie said...

Hi Melissa

Just picked up the latest Sc love your LO i there especially the time challenge one!

scrapwitch said...

hi there christmas angels in wa...loving your so sweet pics.

Jodie said...

hey mel congrats on masters, i KNEW you would get it :D


Louise said...

A huuuuuuuuuge CONGRATULATIONS you Master You!!!!!

Lou xxx

Anonymous said...

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