Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's pink...

Poppy is sitting at my feet building with her duplo blocks...

Me - "What colour is that one?"
P - "it's pink"
Me - " No hun, that one is red"
P - "oh red"
Me "what colour is that one?"
P - "it's pink"
Me - "no hun, that one is blue"
P - "oh blue"
Me - "what colour is that one?
P - "it's pink"......'s endless...and there is not one pink block in sight.....*sigh* LOL!
She does own a whole lot of pink stuff so I guess the world does look quite pink to her!

I have some mojo going on and got 3 LOs done over the weekend.And this is my final LO for the Scraploot challenge - I can't be considered for the DT as they want an exclusive team - So I am out of the running....but it was fun to play along! For this week we had to 'Jack' a LO...harder than I thought!...This one was based on a LO by Sheree...I "heart" this photo of Poppy! And 2 for the the lovely Di -she has a new bub, the very gorgeous "Zak" a few of us are helping her make a start on his are two that I have done for her!

Oh and we are a bit excited as we got tickets with some friends to go and see the Playschool show in September...and also Justine Clarke - remember her as Roo on home and away in the late 80s? Her kids songs are so much fun...awwww Poppy's first concerts!

The 19 week scan went well on Thursday - bub is the right size, all the organs look good, strong heart and very bloody active - the pics are quite blury as he/she wouldn't stop wiggling about!
I will post some pics in later. I have to go back for a scan at 32 weeks as they are concerned I have a low placenta - shouldn't really be a problem as I have to have a c-section but my Ob. needs to know exactly where it is or it could be a problem if I went into early labour! So it' all good! We didn't find out the gender although I was dying to know - what do you think I'm having ?
Leave me your choice in the comments section...LOL

Well off to get ready for Mother's group...have a great week!


miasmummy said...

Love your LO's Melis!! I'm guessing a boy!!! xx

Belinda Venables said...

Madelin had the same issues with colours - drove me insane actually. We ended up using a big board colours book - and having a 'colour of the day' each day. We would make a point of finding and collecting 'yellow' things on 'yellow day' and so on. It worked really well.

Oohh that makes me want to sing...

"I love to la la la la. I love it...I love it...I really really do I love to la la la la." Gotta love Justine! :D

Beautiful layouts as bright and funky!

Mmm...for me - I say girl! (don't ask me why

Enjoy your time at mothers group!
(I miss that!!)


Anthea said...

oh Mel, it is getting close!!! I think your having a boy!

gorgeous LOs also Mel!

Nicole said...

I'm hoping that your having a boy. :)

Love the pages, you do the most gorgeous work hun.

mmmm I remember that with Charlotte, everything was pink there for a while too.


parkergal17 said...

What stunning layouts and just a beautiful thing to do to help out a friend.

I think boy too.

Renee said...

Aww @ Poppy! She is too cute. Least she is having fun in her little pink world :)

Love the LO's you have done for Di. I bet she is sooo happy with them!

My little niece is a fan of Justine Clarke too! Does this crazy hip swinging dance and sings LA LA LA out of tune. . . so cute!

Hmmm I am thinking baby shall be a boy! You need to run a guessing game with the sex, weight and date!


Hetty Hall said...

Ok my guess is girl just because I could just see you with another girl, lol, makes no sense at all I know.
Beautiful layouts - so much inspiration again and LOL at Poppy and the colour thing, they are so funny aren't they at that age, real little know it alls.
Hope you are having a beautiful day.

Julie said...

LOL - what a cute convo between the two of you. Ry's stuck on days of the week at the moment - every single day is Friday to him for some reason, lol if only hey?!
Lovin the layouts here Melis - gorgeous as always, love that pic of Poppy in the first one, sheesh they grow too fast don't they.

take care
Julie xx

byclops said...

That's so cute about the colours!!!

Crazymumm said...

I'm thinking along the lines of BLUE BLUE BLUE.... xxxx Love the layout of Miss Poppy and you need to mix up her wardrobe... She will grow to hate PINK as she gets older xxx Love the layouts for Di xxx very sweet and very full of MOJO xxx Sorry about S/Loot I'm sure it would have been nice to designed for them...

Lauren said...

Im also thinking a boy, no idea why! Just a "stab in the dark"

Malin said...

I also want to livein a world where everything is pink :D
Or wait.. i kind of allready do ;)

LOVE LOVE LOVE your layouts you have such a great style sweetie!!
And i cant wait to se some more pic of you and the little baby belly!!!
Hope your feeling fine!
Wish you where living closer then the other side of the world!
♥♥♥♥Hugs Malin

Alice said...

lol Mel Poppy is so adorable!!! Sounds like she is going through the real 'girly' little girl phase!
I adore these layouts!

MargS said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the colour thing. As a Kindergarten (NSW) teacher, I used to focus on one colour each week- make a colour table with toys, household items etc gathered on top, paint & papercraft in that colour, find mag. pics of that colour & paste into little book- one on each page. I'd write 'a yellow flower',etc., under each one, then you can 'read' them together.
As for the baby, I hope it's a boy........ for purely selfish reasons! I have two boys, & we'd get more boy layout ideas! I really LOVE your work! Keep well.

Sharmaine said...

Hi there :) I found your linky through someone else... forget who now lol thought I would say hi :) Love the pink thing! It's always a fave till they get to 6 or so and then its purple till they are 8 and then its red... go figure!
Justine's CD is in the van and gets played over and over and over and over....