Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still here....just

Well I haven't updated for a few weeks due to lack of creating, lack of photos, lack of sleep and up until the other day lack of internet. We had a problem with our connection but it is all fixed now. Have had a look on my fav. blogs but just lurking not leaving comments - so sorry for that will do the rounds soon!

What's been going on??? Well....

  • Poppy is still a little unsettled with her sleep and the average wake up time seems to be 5.30am - which I detest! I have never been a morning person but adjusted to our previous 6.30am start. That one hour less just seems like sooooooooo much more - plus it's so cold and pitch black...god knows why she would even want to get up. We have tried everything but it seems this is it for now! Thank god my DH gets up to her all week and I do the weekends. She is still pushing boundries but that is just the "toddler" stage I guess.

  • Pregnancy insomnia has also hit so I doze in and out of uneventful sleep from 2.30am onwards - very draining. But I guess I'll be up with a newborn soon so best get use to it!LOL!

  • Scrapping - little or nil due to tiredness....hope to tackle a few things ASAP. Still inspired by so many chickies I know IRL and online! I was excited to win a prize for the White with One challenge blog - check it's a fun challenge blog!

  • Our reno plans had one "glitch" but should pass council in the next week or two - then the back of my house is getting ripped off - OMG what were we thinking? Well it has to be done and the sooner the better - I'm nervous, excited and scared all at the same time!

  • Have been working quite a bit at school - we had book week dress up day - I went to work dressed as pirate! A very FAT pirate LOL!

  • Starting to get bits and pieces ready for the new bub - only 11 weeks to go! I can't believe how quickly it seems to be going! I can't wait to meet him/her... I feel pretty good but my cocix(sp?) joint has gone and it is pretty painful!

  • We are off to see the Justine Clarke concert this week with some friends and their toddlers so I'm sure Poppy will have a ball!

  • The weather is glorious here so I'll be heading outside for some sunshine...

  • Back with some scrapping later....


Anonymous said...

OMG Mel what beautiful Photos and just love your pirate getup Smashing can't wait to see that scrapped. Hope Poppy settles for you soon. OMG to the reno's but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end xxx Missed you in cyberland so welcome back xxx

Belinda Venables said...'re the best looking pirate I've ever

Rest up - scrapping will still be there waiting for you when you are ready...:D

Love the photos of Poppy - she is adorable (not so much at 5:30 am though I'm

Take care,


Mel x said...

Hey Melis
Rest as much as you can, yes I know that is always easier said than done LOL!
Hopefully Poppy will get back to her old routine soon!
You look great as a Pirate LOL!!!!
Will chat to you soon
Mel xx

Anthea said...

looking gorgeous Mel!!!

scrapwitch said...

5.30..oh mel ,,,she's preparing for the arrival also i think...your a damn gorgeous looking wonder your tired ,working on top of preg,and mothering a toodler.
11 weeks to you have any feeling about the sex of this lil peanut...
thinking of you everyday babe,take care .

Binxcat1 said...

Hey ya chickie, glad to see you haven't fallen off the side of the planet and you are looking positively GORGEOUS as is that Miss P! We have to have a coffee catch up with Maz before that new one arrives... what you doing Monday mornings or Wednesday afternoons? No sick kids I promise! ;)

suzie said...

You look great!Can't wait to see your layouts as there all your work.

Ali Russell said...

Looking great Mel!!
Poppy is growing up so fast...and soon to be a big sister...ooohhh how exciting!!
the 11 weeks left will pass so quickly...and then new bubba will be here!
Take Care

Donna said...

Geez I wish I looked as good as you do with no sleep! Poor thing! Millie is up at at about 6 every morning - and I feel the same way - anyway, good news - Mum and Dad will also be here over the school hols - sooooooo that means I can leave them with their Nana and Pop while I come over to scrap child free!!! Yay!

Louise said...

Your looking Good Girl!!!!

Lou xxx

Nicole said...

You're looking sensational Melis.

I'm feeling the same way as you. Both my cherubs (terrors) have taken to waking at the earliest point in the morning. Lost all the scrapping mojo, and I'm so tired it's killing me. Luckily I only have about 5ish weeks to go.

Take care chick.


Audrey said...

Love the pirate bump! Take care of yourself. x

Julie said...

Gorgeous photos Melis!! LOVED the pirate outfit.
Hope Poppy can settle into a later routine for you all - I groan when the kiddo's get up at 7 let alone at 5 in the morning!!
Rest up and will chat soon

Julie xx

Alice said...

awwww mel isn't she adorable???? And judging by that pirate photo she must take after her mother hehe!!!!

Skye M J said...

Hey Mel, thanks for your comment on my blog! I had all but given up on checking back on yours ;)

So good to see you back in the swing of things (well as much as one can be with 5.30 mornings! Poor thing!)

Ali said...

oh mel - you are the Hottest pirate this side of the black sea!! ;) poppy is too cute- and too spritely- or stubborn to be waking up at 5.30am!! eep!! so excited for your new lil bubba -my SIL is expecting her first in about 9-10 weeks too!! :) im making her a scrapbook album!! catch u. xoxo