Saturday, September 12, 2009

I know, I know...'s been a while! LOL! But who would have ever thought TWO kids would take up soooo much time! He he!

Lola has really blossomed in the last month and has a wide range of party tricks including a fake laugh, a fake cough, waving, VERY loud squealing, pull up on things and crawling EVERYWHERE! She is also finally showing off her first tooth. She is such a happy and easy going bubba...just a delight!
Poppy is growing up but is definately testing boundries to say the least. I adore her but she is very emotional and sooooo stubborn! I'm hope that as she matures she'll calm down a bit! I also wish she knew that 5am is not a great time to wake up!!! It drives me crazy! But there are so many loving and sweet sides to her - I need to celebrate those more!

We are LOVING the renovations and all the space we now have. I'm clearing out lots of scrap stuff. I'm sick of hanging onto things I don't use. Have given away a tonne of paper and there's still more to go! I actually wonder how we lived here before! Life is just rolling along I cannot believe it's September already. We are preparing for Lola's first birthday in November and Christening party then on to Poppy's 4th birthday - she has requested "Tinkerbell everything" and I'm having a crack at a dolly varden cake! LOVE them!

I have been doing a little'll be seeing some photo double ups as some pics are needed for both girls' albums. These are dodgy pics...not time to scan and stitch!
We had an awesome Father's day! One of Tony's mates and his family were over from Sydney and so we had a great morning tea with them and his other mates...actually all his groomsmen. My how times have changed...wives, toddlers and babies everywhere...just wonderful really!

Have a wonderful week!



miasmummy said...

Oh Melissa, you haven't lost your touch, I LOVE these LO's so much! Love the update too! Love the emotional little girls, Mia went through a stage where she cried every single time we said no! It did my head right in!! Good luck with that! xx

Anthea said...

glad to see your back into the scrapping again Melissa, gorgeous too as always!

Felicity said...

great to have an update.
Life sure gets busy, glad your enjoying your time with your girls
Love those Lo's too

♥ Di ♥ said...

Yay Mel!
great to see you back!
You certainly havn't lost your amazing talent♥

Tash Allen said...

hey mel - lovely to see an update and so glad to hear things are going well. I soooo know what it's like to have an emotional stubborn child - isaac (20 months now!!!) is very much like that. your layouts are so beautiful, love them all. take care. tash xxx

Crazymumm said...

How sweet are your layouts of your darling family Mel xxx they grow so so fast. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work... I have missed it & you all very much xxx