Monday, January 26, 2009

ohhhh reno's

Soooo excited that we can really see the rooms coming together with our renovations!

Toy cupboard and my scrapspace to the right - it will be a built in desk and cupboards behind bi-folding doors in the familyroom! YAY! Behind is the laundry and passage way down to the kid's bathroom and bedrooms!

New family room!
Back of the original house they are knocking down that wall and gutting the kitchen next week - we'll have to move out while they fit the kitchen. It's all moving much quicker than we expected!

And these two precious girls have been soooo good throughout the renovations - Lola sleeps through it all and Poppy has tried her best while we have no backyard to play in - very hard for such an active girl.
Have a few LOs to share -be back later once they are scanned.
Hope you had a fab Australia day! We went to a BBQ the day before and had a quiet one on the day, stayed under the aircon listening to JJJ hotest 100...I came down sick with flu - like symptoms - the start of mastitis but luckily I kept on feeding Lola and have woken up OK today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scrap share...

Making a start on Lola's Album....yay! LOVE these BG papers... Soft and sweet...

Those first precious hugs with Poppy...

It's all a bit hectic here - we have been away and now we have to catch up on appointments for Lola, health checks, physio etc..Getting Poppy ready for Kindy, finally toilet training, the house is a mess...due to the renovations - driving me a little crazy, but we are half way there! So scrapping is a little on the back burner.

On a completely different topic - did you see the footage of Barack Obama being sworn in today? Gave me goosebumps...what a wonderful and inspiring man. What a brilliant and historical day! He is such an amazing speaker! It must be such a hard political and economic time to take on such and important role...I wish him all the best. Not only a great day for America but for the world I think!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two months

Just for me really but our lovely Lola Rose is already TWO MONTHS OLD!
Time is flying by and I am smitten with her. She really is so easy!
Weight -
Length - 60cm
Hair - wild and spiky! The colour is was dark brown but now seems to have some red coming through. Not sure what it will be maybe strawberry blonde?

  • started sleeping throught the night at 5 weeks!!!YAY!!! Still sleeps alot actually!

  • still had jaundice(sp?) until 6 weeks and looked like she was sporting a spray tan, but now has our very pale skin colouring - poor luv!

  • feeds really well - breast fed only, bit of piggy -overflows with milk often.
  • smiling at six weeks - very happy lots of smiling and giggles

  • loves her bathtime
  • lots of cooing and sweet bubba noises

  • Has already started to outgrow some of her 000 outfits due to her length!

*sigh* she is growing so quickly and I am loving her to bits!

Miss P still continues to entertain us with her quirky ways, big personality, extensive language and social skills and all that endless energy! She loves Lola but isn't too fussed on all the attention she gets - normal for a 3 year old who has been knocked off her HUGE pedestal! LOL! I think she will love kindy this year.