Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hungry Caterpillar...

I adore Eric Carle's books and did a whole Author study on his books with my junior Library classes! Did you know it's his( the caterpillar's) 40th Anniversary this year! Talk about surviving the test of time. I LOVE working in the Library because I really do love literacy lessons and children's books!Poppy has a copy of the book and loves it as much as I do. I really want to pass on a love of books to my kids.

Now she is getting a little older Poppy and I are doing more crafting together. I will post some of the things we do - incase anyone is looking for simple activities to do with little ones!
This week we decided to make a Hungry Caterpillar - very basic, but you could busy it up with far more decorations.
Items needed - Egg Carton
Red & Green paint
Yellow paper or card
Purple card
Optional Extras - pipe cleaners, sequins, green wool...the list goes on!

Cut egg carton in half, cut off one individual section for the head

Paint the "body" green

Paint the head red - allow to dry

Cut out two eyes from the yellow card, paint green in the centre

Cut out two purple antennae - or use pipe cleaners

Assemble - staple or hot glue head on, glue eyes and antennae, add a nose.

You could further decorate with sequins, green fabric, wool or crepe paper!It's VERY simple - but Poppy isn't even 4 yet so - it has to be! If you would like me to post more simple crafty ideas please let me know...if no one is interested I won't bore you all! LOL!

I've been scrapping for a comp. at the BOXX...and hoping ot get a bit more of my own scrapping done. Slowly finding my way back! Have some cute pics of the girls to get on to!

Will be back with some LOs later!

Have a great week! X

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I know, I know...'s been a while! LOL! But who would have ever thought TWO kids would take up soooo much time! He he!

Lola has really blossomed in the last month and has a wide range of party tricks including a fake laugh, a fake cough, waving, VERY loud squealing, pull up on things and crawling EVERYWHERE! She is also finally showing off her first tooth. She is such a happy and easy going bubba...just a delight!
Poppy is growing up but is definately testing boundries to say the least. I adore her but she is very emotional and sooooo stubborn! I'm hope that as she matures she'll calm down a bit! I also wish she knew that 5am is not a great time to wake up!!! It drives me crazy! But there are so many loving and sweet sides to her - I need to celebrate those more!

We are LOVING the renovations and all the space we now have. I'm clearing out lots of scrap stuff. I'm sick of hanging onto things I don't use. Have given away a tonne of paper and there's still more to go! I actually wonder how we lived here before! Life is just rolling along I cannot believe it's September already. We are preparing for Lola's first birthday in November and Christening party then on to Poppy's 4th birthday - she has requested "Tinkerbell everything" and I'm having a crack at a dolly varden cake! LOVE them!

I have been doing a little'll be seeing some photo double ups as some pics are needed for both girls' albums. These are dodgy pics...not time to scan and stitch!
We had an awesome Father's day! One of Tony's mates and his family were over from Sydney and so we had a great morning tea with them and his other mates...actually all his groomsmen. My how times have changed...wives, toddlers and babies everywhere...just wonderful really!

Have a wonderful week!