Thursday, March 11, 2010


A quick card for a gorgeous new bub....

I've got a couple of LOs but NO pics because....

My camera battery is not recharging - not sure if it's the charger or the actual battery! HOW ANNOYING!!!! DON'T YOU HATE THAT! LOL! Those annoying little things that you have to run around to get fixed. God knows when I'll get time! DH is at a conference ALL weekend too! BLAH!Enough whinging - we did have a lovely, busy weekend last week. We had a weekend in Bridgetown. What a lovely place! We stayed at a farmstay and the kids loved the all the animals! We spent hours at Donnybrooke's awesome Apple Park! It is literally the best kids playground I have ever seen - in a small country town aswell! Apparently some woman left nearly a million dollars to the community when she passed on and wanted to have something built for the town! How amazingly generous! Definately worth the trip just for the fun we had here!
Other than - work as usual, kindy, trying to get a painter, finishing of some bits around the house!
Right....we are off for a playdate....gotta run. Hopefully be back with pics of scrapping!


Felicity said...

oh no about the camera battery not charging. :( hope you get a spare minute to get it looked at.
Your girls are getting so big and they are just sooo adorable. :)
have a good weekend

Alishia said...

I REALY want to take Cass to that park heard so many fab things aabout it! Glad you had a great time!
Hope you sort your camera out quick!