Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh she scraps....

Occassionally...LOL...wish it was more! Have some new sass, BG and delish October Afternoon to play with so no excuses!We had a lovely holiday over Easter - up to Gero to see my family. Lots of wine, chocolate, family and fun. Just love hanging out with my family. Poppy adores her older cousins and they take such good care of her.

Then we scored this enoromous house down south - Margaret River - absolutely STUNNING. Views of forest and ocean on every side! Tennis court, pool, the works and only 3 minutes from town! Poppy and I went for "cinno's" every morning while Lola slept. We hit some wineries, saw a friend on their farmstay and just had a lovely time!

Now we are all back to work and school and life is still rolling along...we are all happy, healthy, is good!
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More LO's in progress....


miasmummy said...

Beautiful as always Melis, just love your scrap style... *sigh* xxx