Friday, October 12, 2007

Quick share...

We are off to Thailand next Friday so things are going to get a little busy around here...and I am doing relief work on Monday and Tuesday so there may be very little creating going on just lots of ironing and packing! I can't wait for our holiday!

Here is a CJ had to do a page on your current favourite song....

Here are some LOs for Scrapworld using BG papers...geez Mel the boss knows how to put a kit together sooooo well!

Hope you are all having a fabuous weekend... the weather is GORGEOUS here at the moment! Thanks to those who leave me comments and messages! X


Holly said...

Thailand!?! I'm so jealous...I've ALWAYS wanted to go there. Take lots of pictures!!! And, I love that LO on the very bottom...beautiful! Thanks for checking out my blog. ;0)

Lauren said...

wow Mel, those pages are just awesome, I love them all!

scrapwitch said...


Jodie said...

ohhh so awesome.
my fave is th one of amy and poppy so cute!!
hey mel have fun in thailand, tell me allll about it when u get back.
me and ayesha are going in like 5 months woohoo :D


Anthea said...

WOW, enjoy your holiday wont you!!

Love the LOs Melissa! gorgeous

Karin B said...

Love your layouts! Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Absolutely gorgeous layouts, Mel!! I love each and every one!

Have a great holiday in Thailand!

Chelle Xx

Sares said...

Hi Melissa - great to hear that are getting away on a holiday for a bit. And Poppy is looking as adorable as ever - those latest LO's are just beautiful! You always capture the best in your photos too.
Sares xx

Julie said...

Have an awesome time away on holidays Mel - can't wait to see some photos.
Gorgeous work with your layouts!!

Crazymumm said...

enjoy you holiday...

love all these layouts Stunning xxx

cheers Lucy xxx

miss~nance said...

Lovely LO's as always.

have a great time in Thailand.


Alishia said...

Hey mel!
Have a great trip! Hope poppy Behaves! And doesnt run a muck on the plane lol!!
See you at the crop and can tell us al about it!!!
Take care!

Maz said...

Hey Mel,

Hope you have a most wonderful holiday and I shall be awaiting the fabulous pics that I know you will take!

Chat soon,

Nicole said...

Hope your having an absolute blast away.


Claudia79 said...

Totally awesome usual!;-) Have a nice vacation in Thailand!//Love Frida

Malin said...

Lovely pages!!!
I hope your havin the best of times in Thailand its such a beutiful country!!
Looking forward to se all the pics you are gonna show us!!
Hugs Malin

memoryfairy said...

Hope you're having a great holiday Mel!!

scrapwitch said...

welcome home mel...hope your trip was relaxing and your heart didnt ache for poppy too much babe..
cant wait to see your gorgeous pics and hear your fab stories..
see you around when your sttled back in

Anthea said...

hope you had a great trip melissa!!!

ps. your tagged