Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We're back........

Well we had a ball in Thailand...although there was no "relaxation" time when travelling with a toddler! That said Poppy was really good but due to her age there was a lot we couldn't really do. Phuket was stunning - our resort was just gorgeous....private beach, five pools, restaurants,gym, playcentre and a baby elephant that visited daily and scared the crap out of Poppy. She really wanted to see it each day but then bawled if it go too close!

We ate lots, swam lots, walked lots and shopped lots!

The local people were gorgeous and adored Poppy especially her pale skin and blue eyes. They touched her alot which freaked me out at first but it's just the way they are...she loved it and learnt lots of social skills - shaking hands, new greetings "morning", and answering questions..."what's your name? How old are you"...she loved the attention!
In Bangkok we were joined by my inlaws and they helped out with Poppy - Tony and I got to go out in the evening for a meal and some MORE shopping! It is such a hectic place, great to visit but I'd hate to live there!

We had a fabulous time and we will definately be returning but not until our kids are a little older!


Anthea said...

welcome back!!

love the pics Melissa, would love to see some scrapped too!

glad to hear you had a great time too

Julie said...

Welcome home Melissa!!
What absolutely gorgeous pix - that purple flower is just stunning!!!
Sounds like an awesome place to visit - would love to see the bubba elephant, too cute!

chat soon
Julie xx

Nicole said...

gorgeous photo's Mel,
glad you had a fabo time.


scrapwitch said...

wonderful to see your gorgeous photos melissa..
what a fab time for you to travel with your gorgeous poppy..
i cant wait to see a few photos scrapped..poor poppy and the elephant.hope you got a pic to scrap that.OF COURSE YOU DID ,YOU ARE A SCRAPPER AFTER ALL

Amy said...

Aaaah so glad your back and had an amazing time. You pics are stunning!!! Cant wait to see what you do with them.
Pity about them not being able to make those dresses for poppy though but at least you did heaps of shopping:-)


Malin said...

Yeiih!! Your back!!! Im so glad that your back!!
Look like you where at the same resort that we where when we where in Phuket its so beutiful!
and look at you you are gorgeaous!!!

Mel Connell said...

orgeous pics Melissa, glad your home safe ans soud glad you had a fab time, can't wait to hear more about it!

RubyRox said...

simply STUNNING photos!! :)
Glad to see ya back and that ya had a goood time!! :)

Jodie said...

welcome back mel.
glad u had a fun holiday

Jodie said...

ohhhh YES
omg i loved it (of course!!!)
and you know what i loveeeed that sharpener so much, i have never seen one!! :D

the vintage cats are cute too, so anabelle.
thanks SO much, sorry i couldnt pm you cos well u know


Michelle Jamieson said...

Love your piccy's, Mel!
Glad to hear you had a great time...except fot the bubba elephant. He would be a bit daunting if you were as little as Poppy! :)We saw one in Bali, and they are very big for a baby!

Chelle Xx

kelsey said...

What??? "Wait until the KIDS are older"??? Again it happened??? lol

Love the pics Melissa, see you back in the shop soon buying up some more papers to do the pics justice!

Malin said...

Hi sweetie your coments always puts a huge smile on my face, they meen alot to me!!
and your work is always so inspiring so i have a little something for you in my blogg!
Hugs again!

Vesna said...

Welcome back Melissa.

Glad to hear your holiday was great. It always is hectic when you have little ones.
Love the photos. Can't ait to see the beautiful LO's that you create with them.


nuttyscrapper said...

Looks like you had a great time, looking forward to seeing these photos from your holiday scrapped.


Claudia79 said...

Welcome back home!! Looks like you've guys had a nice time there! *happy for U* Big hugs!