Saturday, November 3, 2007


The lovely Malin tagged me for this "smile" award thingy...what a sweet heart! She always makes me smile - such talent and such a postive person - always encouraging others!

So lots of scrappers make me smile for a million different reasons but I tag...

LISA - scrapwitch - a true friend

MAZ - one funky chick

JULIE H. - huge inspiration

ANNE MARIE - Hear you have a blog - 'bout bloody time


Maz said...

aww, thanks Mel!

Cant wait to see what you come up with for those gorgeous pics!

Catch up soon!


Malin said...

Aww thank you for those sweet sweet words!
You are the best!

scrapwitch said...

thanks for the tag mel....your so sweet

kelsey said...

Hi Melissa, just seeing if this message goes to me instead of you like the others have been doing. Haven't seen you in the shop for ages! Come say hi to us.

Donna said...

Hey Chick - see you soon! BAck to the land of sunshine and light!

Hetty said...

Hi Melissa, it has been awhile since we spoke. Looks like you had a fantastic holiday. My sister just came back from Phuket also, unfortunately they had lots of rain but she still loved it. Really miss seeing your gorgeous work, will have to visit more often! We will be visiting beautiful Perth at the end of January, would be lovely to catch up with you if you are interested? Speak soon.