Thursday, April 10, 2008

Still around....

Well it seems I start every entry with how busy I have been.......still so very true .....but hey that's life and it's all good!

We had a ball in Geraldton for Easter - Poppy created/painted her own easter basket with her cousins(such a big girl now) and had fun with the egg hunt. Although, she had no idea and once she found one egg she just wanted to sit and eat that one...the other kids encouraged her to find more. She seriously adores her cousins.

Then back home, back to routines and work. We had some fun playdates and a first birthday party. Lots of fun. Poppy's talking and funny antics are increasing everyday...she constantly has us in fits of laughter!

I must say my creating has been limited due to time & tiredness. My mojo is still there - just the body is not willing!LOL!

We are heading back up to see my family again next week and I'm very excited as I will get to catch up with the very talented and fun Donna J and her CUTE kids Milly and Toby! Can't wait!

Only have a few things to share, the rest are elsewhere!*wink*

Master's challenge in the recent issue of SM...

A LO for this month's Calendar Girls Comp over at Scrapworld!!!!


Amy said...

Hi Mel
Does sound like you have been really busy. I hope your not overly working yourself though.
Love your latest creations! They are stunning as always!!!
Keep well and take care.

Belinda Venables said...

Sounds like you have been flat out Mel. Sounds like you've been having lots of busy fun though.
Love your SM layouts - both are stunning!
Enjoy your weekend.



poppys so gorgeous love the new layouts...

wow you are so busy...


Crazymumm said...

Beautiful work Mel

scrapwitch said...

gorgeous beautiful layouts miss melissa ..that crown,those wings...
life is busy ,and rest up my friend,toddlers are such busy beavers..
love to you and your family..loving your pic this week in the gallery..oh those eyes,melt my heart

Julie said...

Love that Summer dreams layout Melis - it's just gorgeous and caught my eye straight up when I saw it in the mag.

Julie xx

Hetty said...

Saw that one in the mag and knew straight away it was yours, gorgeous!!