Monday, April 21, 2008

Tones of blue....

We went to Gero last week - I had the flu and a horrid head cold the whole week - so it was good to be "looked after" by mum and dad. We did have some fun though, cooking gingerbread men - so cute and fun! And I got to catch up, very quickly, with Donna J - what a wonderful and warm woman she is! And could I just 'steal' her little munchkin Toby (Milly too - but hey, I already have one of them!) He is such a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY little man!!

Poppy and Milly...lil cuties!
This week's challenge for Gallery 12 was 'blue". Looking around it's amazing how much we are surrounded by this colour!! Pop over and vote for your favourite photo!!
Here are some of my pics that didn't go to gallery!
Love that pigeon on top!

Good ol' country pub ( couldn't get a good shot from the street!)
History with a splash of paint!

I have more photos and some scrapping that I will post later - unfortunately I have been up since 4am - Gastro - ewwwwwwww vomitting for about 5 hours! Not nice at all - thank god it wasn't Poppy. I hope she doesn't get it! I can't remember being this ill for a long time!

I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow - and I'm itching to get to the scrapdesk as I have new goodies from SCRAPTIVATE, including the new Sassafrass Lass - certainly my favourite paper in a long time! Also new BG, New Heidi Swapp(loving the houndstooth pp)....crackle paint, god the list goes on!!!
What's on your desk at the moment?


Belinda Venables said...

Love the photos...the colours are fabulous!
Oh no - hope your feeling better soon.

What's on my desk now? Um....lots of Thickers...and some new Sassafras paper...yummy.


Amy said...

Mel I hope your feeling better... horrible to be so sick!:-(

Love the pics and sure looks like you have so many yummy things to scrapbook with. I havent bought anything since I was there:-0 SA stuff just looks boring after you have been to that amazing scrapshop!

On my desk... sadly... all my school books lol. But have a long weekend coming up so hopefully will get some work done.


Ali said...

those blue photo's are awesome, love the blue little victorian houses!! hope you're not still feeling blue!!

mmm love all those goodies. on my desk? 1/2 a completed LO, a folio with travell ideas....a mini book....and 'desk stuff'

Michelle Jamieson said...

Love the pic of Poppy and Milly!!
Looking forward to seeing that one scrapped!!
Hope you are feeling better, soon, Mel!!

Chelle Xx

miasmummy said...

I have the same Sass Lass papers, they are all so gorgeous, and some German Scrap Borders from Scraptivate. And a LO that has been sitting there for 3 days waiting for some attention.
Hope you are better now, gastro is horrid!! xxx

Nicole said...

Hope you're feeling better now. Have the same Sass papers, Love them, and nearly used them all too.


Julie said...

Hope your feeling better Melis.
Love the photos you snapped - the colours in them are fabbo!!

As for my desk - it's buried under a couple of inches of stuff lol ... just finished a layout and haven't got round to tidying up yet. Mess scattered from one end to the other.

Julie xx

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhh get better Mel... know how you feel that was me last week xxx Cute girls xxx and can't wait to see more of your Divine work xxx

Anonymous said...

Feeling better yet? I hope so!!

Can't wait to see what you create with your new goodies!

What's on my desk?? Nothing.. Absolutely nothing.. the desk isn't even assembled! LOL - the joys of moving :)

Maz xx