Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time flies...

We have been wishing for warmer weather and dry days....I HATE winter!!! But it's all good really! Busy and having fun as usual -

  • work...loving the kindy - the kids are sooooo cute! Preparing for Book Week early next term in the Library.
  • Took Poppy to toddler time at the local Library for the first time OMG...How great is the session. Three stories and craft activity - she LOVED it! So cute!

  • Gym class - our regular teacher is leaving...Poppy adored her but I'm sure the new lady will be just as lovely!

  • Poppy's language development is just blooming - she is soooooo verbal and the expression and theatrics are so funny to see! Such a social butterfly!

  • Swimming lessons - our Saturday morning regular...she is becoming more independent!

  • We had the interview for the school we were hoping to get Poppy into and she was so well behaved and chatty with the principal. I'm so excited to say that they have already sent out the letter of offer and just seeing the school again has reinforced our "good feeling" about the place. We really are thrilled...she doesn't start until 2010 though!
  • Have also applied for her to do one day a week next year in "Pre kindy"...We have found a school that is offering it here and are yet to see if she gets in. I got teary just reading the parent information pamphlet...it all seems so 'big girl"... and to me she is just my bubba!LOL!Makes me nervous as she has never been in the care of any one but our family but I know she will love it!

  • Visited my Ob. on Monday...he told me I have to watch my weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!I'm only half way and nearly the weight I was at full term with Poppy! PMSL!!!!!!But my start weight was heavier this time!!! I'll be off to weight watchers after this one!!!ekkkkkkkkkkk. Other than that it's all good and we picked my delivery date! I can't wait!

  • I have been offered some photography work....a bit nervous but will update on that when it's all done!

  • A touch of scrapping...
Calendar Girls Competition for Scrap World...
Our Calendar Girls competition that we started this year had to be postponed for a while with all the site problems, however we are still going to run it but we will do so through the DT Blog!!
Layouts can be sent to Mel at: calendar.girls@hotmail.com

And my gorgeous girl......

How could you resist this lil face???


scrapwitch said...

awww you must be so mixed in feeling with regard poppy and school.she will have a blast Mel,and learn so much.and mummies need there time with baby...(weight watchers hehehehhee)
thats why every baby is different
we used to do sat morning swim also...we have a fab restaurant next door that would do breakies for the parents...lovin your up dates ,and delish layout.
cant wait to hear about the photo work...you have such a gorgeous eye for things

Lauren said...

love that layout mel, i brought that paper yesterday!
have you still been taking belly shots?

parkergal17 said...

So many things going on. Miss Poppy is just gorgeous as ever. My Lani enjoyed story time at the library too. Love the layout too.

Crazymumm said...

Beautiful layout and wonderful photos of your darling Poppy Mel xxx and do treasure the little one as sadly they grow so fast...xxx Good luck with the weight thing :) being preggy and all :) so glad your enjoying your teaching that is sweet xxx

scrapwitch said...

ummm check my blog..becuase your blog is special

Louise said...

Oooh what person in their right mind could resist that cute lil face :) :)


Binxcat1 said...

GORGEOUS as ever chickie!