Friday, July 25, 2008


Well we are now facing 5am wake ups with Poppy now that the dummy has gone...and shorter day sleeps - it is sooooooooo bloody tiring and she has thrown in a few HUGE, and I mean HUGE, tantrums to go with it all! So feeling rather flat, tired and frustrated! But not going to give in....hope she settles soon!
Other than that...all is well...I am 24 weeks only 3 months to go...can't wait to meet this next bundle of joy!

A quick share...
Poppy baking gingerbread men...

One for Lisa....Aren't her girls beautiful!!!!!!!!!

And some cards I did for a CC challenge!


scrapwitch said...

delish cards awesome they are your gorgeous layouts .beautiful as always

Anthea said...

wow, gorgeous Mel!!!

good luck with the dummy thing, we vut them up when the older 2 turned 2 and after about a week of no dummy they got used to it, we were lucky with Zach he didnt take to one, so we wont have that problem this time round.

would love to see a belly shot!!

Belinda Venables said...

Oh Melis - I feel for you!

I remember when I was preg with DS and the tantrums that DD had were so much more unbearable as I was already tired. hang in there hon. I hope all starts to look up soon.

Love the layouts...and you already know that I adore those cards...YUM!


TiteC said...

I really like your cards, the colors are gorgeous !!

xxx from France

Donna said...

Hi Melis! I love those cards - they're gorgeous! I think you should keep going and make more! Hey if it's still ok with you I will take you up on the chipboard birdie album - ta luv! And yeah - missed ya on the hols - promise we wont next time! I'm weaning Toby atm so I'll even be able to come over and visit you at night to scrap! X D


gorgeous pages.. feel for u with those wake up times.. bit of a killer being preggi too!! might have to scrap lift those cards..

Nicole said...

hey Melis,

I'm thinking it's the age, we've got some horrid tantys with Charlotte at the moment too, it's enough to do your head in.

Even worse when you're feeling sleep deprived.

Luckily never had dummies with either so didn't have to get rid of them.

Take care chicky.


Oh and hun, love love love your work, how delish are those cards.

miasmummy said...

Your cards are too funky, I love them. Hopefully Poppy will settle down for you, don't give in!! I'm so lucky Mia would not take a dummy and at the time I was unhappy about it, but later on I wasn't!!! xxx

Sar said...

Hey there, Just wanted to tell you I LoVE your blog and have linked on mine, hope thats okay! Cheers, Sar

Emily said...

Love your cards... do you make them and sell them? I love cards and would love to buy some from you.. you should sell them on! I found your blog from keeping up with the jones and I found theirs through Once upon a blog... jennisa is redoing my blog too! Have a great day and I LOVE your work!

Ali said...

hey melissa! those cards are so cute, love em to bits!! absolutely adorable and original - hope u're getting more sleep- and poppy has stopped her tantrums! hang in there. xo

Julie said...

Hang in there Mel, Poppy will get used to it soon hopefully.
Love the layouts here - and your cards are fabbo chicky!!

Julie xx

miss~nance said...

Loving your Beautiful work as always MElissa. Awesome cards.


Wendy said...

wow...gorgeous work

I love the pink one and the cards are devine

So pleased to see your inspirational blog is WW1..makes my heart skip a beat..