Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three months...

Lil Lola is Three Months old already! Each month that passes breaks my heart a little, it's going so quickly....I am just enjoying her babyhood sooooo much! Pure delight!

  • Weight -
  • Length -
  • hates tummy time - needs it though...recommendations from the physio
  • Loves to be held/cuddled
  • loves sucking her dummy & fists
  • reaches out for her toys
  • loves chatting and laughing at people, toys and light fittings !
  • can roll from her tummy onto her back
  • Sleeps through the nights but has just started to briefly wake at 4am..not looking for a feed - just playing!
  • feeds 3/4 hourly during the day.
  • Smiley and social just like her big sister!
  • She's a doll!


Kirsty said...

She is gorgeous!

Maxine said...

Wow time really flies with babies. I agree that is a little doll.

Tammy said...

Oh Mel she is a little treasure. I having a baby around sometimes :)

♥ Di ♥ said...

wow Mel, Lola is totally gorgeous!
I can't wait to see some more LO's!
Is Poppy still being a great big sister?
I am so glad Lola is a great sleeper, and a perfect little princess for you xxx

Michelle Jamieson said...

She's so adorable, Mel!

Nicole said...

oh Melis, Lola is devine.

Wonder what's going on with our bubs, Dea's awake about the same time, but he wants to feed. Greedy male. LOL

Poppy looks so cute dressed up for school. Char would love it, too bad we don't have anything around here.


nuttyscrapper said...

She is adorable I think she is almost as cute as Carter LOL !!