Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still floating about...just...

Well I'm hardly at home at all - the mess just got worse with two new doorways being knocked in/out? One in Poppy's old room and one in our bedroom - rubble and dust EVERYWHERE!!! But we are on track and the fittings are arriving - bath and laundry cabnets are it is taking shape!

Therefore, no scrapping, just hanging out a Dh's Oma's house to give my inlaw's a break from us!

Poppy is great...growing like a weed, lovin' school and swimming lessons and Lola is a delight...cute and easy going!

So I'm still about but I doubt any scrapping will occur until after Easter!
Hope you are all happy and well..thanks to those who still pop by! XX


Felicity said...

how sweet are your girls!!! Glad that there is steady progress with your reno's.. cant wait to see pics of it finished!!

Donna Heart said...

Hello my dear! I often ckeck in to see how it's all going with you - sorry I've been a bit lazy with comments tho! Just had a thought though - any news on my journal? I'd forgotten clean about it - but surely it must be nearly home by now??? If you've any news let me know! The bubba is getting bigger!!!!!

scrapwitch said...

love to you miss melissa ..hugs to the cutest girlies on the west coast ..
hope you get some time for you to pamper your are spec..hugs and love from US

Nicole said...

glad to hear reno's are going as planned.

Girls are looking gorgeous. :)

Did you get a parcel???



Crazymumm said...

Beautiful Photo Mel of your darlings xxx Hugs it will be so worth the pain of "RENO's" when you get to move back into your NEW looking HOME xxx

scrapwitch said...

hello beautiful

i hope your well...
thinking of you lots atm

Binxcat1 said...

Hey stranger... where are you @? Hope the renos are finished????

scrapwitch said...

miss you so much

your in my head everyday
are you well
i miss you


Crazymumm said...

hellooooooooooooooo, Where for are thou????????? Hope you and your family are well xxx

Tammy Templeton said...

Hi Melissa :)
Have you been over to the new Aussie Scrapjack site yet?
I'm sure the lovely Lou would love for you to have a look-see :)