Sunday, June 14, 2009

Woooooooo Hoooooooooo!

We are finally back in our house!!! YAY! That was the longest 6 months of my life LOL! Some very tiring and

stressful moments, hours and days along the way but luckily all worth it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the house and it's new size, layout and gadgets! We went from a two bedroom, one bathroom house with NO storage to a lovely renovated four bedroom, two bathroom home, new kitchen, familyroom, laundry, scrap space for me, walk-in linen cupboard, and a walk in robe for our room, linked to ensuite!!!

We still have a few bits and pieces to do, decorating inside but mainly outside, gardens etc...But I am LOVIN' IT!!! Storage everywhere!!! DH is happy - he's a neat freak. The girls are thrilled! Lola finally has a nursery and Poppy is having a ball rediscovering all her toys that were packed up.She also loves her new bed and room to play in! So we are all a very happy bunch!

It kinda feels like our life was on hold - living out of a suitcase for 16 weeks!!! Luckily my inlaws and Oma were all wonderful, helping out in soooo many ways! Then my lovely parents came down and help clean up and unpack!
So what has happened in 6 months???
  • They knocked off the back of my house the day I gave birth!
  • I had my beautiful baby girl - Lola Rose
  • Poppy turned 3
  • Lola was a wonderful and easy new baby sleeping and feeding, just divine!
  • Crazy Christmas and festive season as a family of 4
  • Lots of construction and mess in the house
  • They ripped out our kitchen and we had to move out of the house - "should be five weeks"....ummm try 16 weeks!
  • Lots of running around - living between three houses - stressful!
  • Poppy started kindy one day a week
  • Poppy started new swimming lessons - such a HUGE improvement.
  • Easter with my family in Gero
  • I got a new car - black Ford Territory 4wd.
  • I started back to work after Easter - 1.5 days a week - Lola refused the bottle and cried all the time(a mumma's girl) More stress! Poor Lola and poor MIL!
  • I lost the 20 kg I put on while pregnant with Lola - joined WW and am now a committed member LOVE it! Still have a some toning up to do but it's all good!
  • Lola is HUGE - loves her solids, sitting up, rolling everywhere...
  • Lots of new babies in our friendship circle - so exciting!
  • Only scrapped 5 LOs in the last 6 months - all my supplies were packed up.
  • Tonnes of photos and scrapping and socialising to catch up on.
  • Lola and Poppy are both sleeping throught the night since we moved home! YAY!
  • Now at home, all happy, healthy, smiling and loving our cosy family and home. Sounds cheesy but it's true! LOL!

These were a couple of LOs for Scraploot...

Not sure if anyone is even still checking in here LOL! Off to check out other blogs!
Photos of the house, kids and LOs soon!


tori412 said...

So glad your back!!! I've been checking your blog weekly as you are a huge source of inspiration so pleased to hear all of your great news and see a few layouts. :) Victoria

Louise said...

Sooooooooooooooo glad ur back!!!!!!! :) :) :)

PS I have a new blog:

Lou xoxo

scrapwitch said...

yay miss meliss...we missed you you and so happy to see you blogging again ....
gorgeous layouts
stunning pics ...mwah and hugs to you my friend

Michelle Jamieson said...

Good to see you back, Mel!!

Very excited for you and your beautiful new house. Can't wait to see pics!!

Nicole said...

wow girl, heaps has been happening.....

I'm still struggling to loose my baby weight..... u'd think it would have been easy what with chasing after 3 kids

can't wait for pics


Donna Heart said...

so pleased for you mlis - it sounds perfect - a home to grow a family in - good for you. missed you for sure in blogland - glad to see some scraps from your desk - and photos of the gals. i'ms still trying to lose toby's weight - gggrrr - please inspire me! XXX Don

Gizmo said...

So good to see you back Melis! Your new hous sounds divine, I'm glad to hear you are all settling in! Can't wait to see your gorgeous work again ;0)

miasmummy said...

I'm so glad you are back too! Been checking in waiting to hear how you all are! Yay!! xxx

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhh yes we are still out here Mel... Welcome Home xxx Love your girly layouts xxx

Ali said...

so good to see you back Mel! My oh my it has been an extremely busy 6 months! have fun in your newly renovated house!! :)