Friday, October 23, 2009

OMG - some scrapping to share!

These were the LOs for each round of the Boxx Comp - it was really good to have a challenge and meet time deadlines - I always work well with time deadlines - I just get it done!

All good here - getting ready for Lola's first birthday/baptism - we are combining it to have one large party! She is such a delight. So happy and easy going and into EVERYTHING - she gets into things and then flashes a cheeky smile and gives a wicked little laugh! Can't believe this time last year I was 20kg heavier and awaiting this precious bub! She and Poppy get along so well - I love watching them "play" together!

Poppy has been much better with her behaviour and emotions lately - just growing up I guess. She still has her moments but I am consciously trying to manage her/repond to her in a more positive way. She is really starting to enjoy drawing and making things. She draw cute little pictures of people now - usually our family - very sweet and special!

Take care
Melis xx


Claudia79 said...

So nice pages!! Love them a lot!

Binxcat1 said...

oh I do so LOOOOOOOOVE Bessie! What a fabulous story!

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