Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy first birthday Lola!

God, can it really have been a year already? Athough in some ways it just feels like she has always been here.

Lola is such a loving, clever, pretty little girl. I just adore her. She completes our family in so many ways -she is the perfect play mate for Poppy. There is nothing more special than the bond of sisters. She looks alot like her dad and I I know he loves that she does! And she will always be my baby girl!
At One -
Length -
Weight -
  • says mum.Bubba, lola, dad, nan, nanna(bananna), no, hello, bye, "awwwwwww" when you cuddle her, "uh-oh".And a whole heap of babbling and humming!
  • crawls everywhere, cruises standing against furniture, "free" stands next to furniture.

  • Eats quite well - just weaned from breast feeding but not keen on cows milk yet.

  • Loves to play "chasey" with Poppy, loves exploring, outside play - eating sand! Loves to climb!

  • Hums and rocks, claps to music.

  • Laughs alot, giggles and smiles alot!
  • Sleeps really well - 12 hours straight - just starting to wake earlier.

  • Two bottom teeth only

  • Size 0 and 1 in clothes

  • She is over an easy baby - lots of fun and so easy to love and enjoy!

Last Year - meeting Poppy.

This year enjoying her first ever cupcake!


miasmummy said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Lola!! Hard to believe that it has been a year! Well done Mum!! lol!! xxx

Felicity said...

Big HAppy 1st birthday to Lola!!
What a cute piccie of her eating her cake

Tara said...

Happy birthday Lola... :D

Love the cake piccie!

alison.w said...

Happy birthday lola!! what a gorgeous lil girl!!

Megan B said...

Happy Birthday Lola, hope you all had a memorable day, with many more to come, bless you all!

Donna Jensen said...

happy birthday beautiful Lola! what a blessin gyou are to all who know you and a joy to watch growing fom afar! may the year ahead be filled with unbounding love and happiness!

Anonymous said...

Awww, she is gorgeous! Loving that cupcake!

Your work is divine!

Been far too long since we caught up too! Hope all is well!

M x

Nicole said...

belated Happy Birthday Lola :)

the year has gone too quick Melis. Can't believe they aren't bubby's anymore.


Tash Allen said...

wow a year already!! she is so gorgeous. happy birthday lola!! :)