Monday, January 11, 2010


We had a fabulous Christmas. It was great to have my parents here. The company was good, the food delicious(I even made a glazed baked ham and a banoffie pie!!!) and everyone had a pretty relaxing time. The girls were spoilt - Santa left them their sack gifts. We got Lola a cabbage patch baby and pram, for Poppy a tag reading pen thingo and some books, jewellery, bathers etc... aswell as a trampoline from all the inlaw family! I got a new sewing machine,( just a basic Brother model) gorgeous silver ring and I'm going to get a Wayne Cooper snakeskin bag with my vouchers and Christmas money!YAY!

New Years was VERY quiet. We cooked up some delicious prawns, had a couple of vinos and happily stayed home!
Did you set any New Year's Resolutions? I kinda did - not too many....and I decided to go with a focus word for this year.
LEARN....that's my "focus" word for this new year - 2010!

Learn to use my camera effectively

Learn to use photoshop

Learn to use my new sewing machine

Learn to accept things I can't change

Learn to have a more open mind and heart

Learn to be patient

Learn to really appreciate what I do have rather than dwell on what I don't.

Learn to run a fun and nuturing 3 Year Old Kindy!

Scrap goal is just to get back into it....I'm aiming to do one LO a week. Last year I just didn't get that much done. Now I want to get back to basics, tell the story, have fun scrapping for me. I hope to do a monthly review aswell. I love the ones that Pip Prosser creates - very inspiring! I actually have some LOs to share but my scanner won't play the game today!!!

We are having a fun summer holiday - been swimming, to Kings park, I'm up and walking everyday(I'm in the zone..LOL!), we have had fun in Fremantle, might hit the Museum(Dinosaur display) and Whitman park if it cools down a bit! And of course we will have to fit in a visit to our favourite Dim Sum for some breakky!

Hope you are having a fun summer! X


Teegs said...

I found your blog on Taras, been following for a while now, your girls are very cute and growing up so fast. Love your 2010 word and you goals very inspiring.

Hope you have a happy 2010

Felicity said...

I love your 2010 word!!! ITs a great one!!!
Your goals are very reachble too!!
Love the photo of hubby and the girls.
:) xx
PS great to see you blogging.

Ali said...

hey mel! glad you had a relaxing chrissy!! i totally have the same scrapping goals - 52 layouts - one a week!! I've scrapped 7 so far (so Im ahead!! yipee)!! I started doing monthly review layouts (setting aside photos and answering the same Qu's each month) - they're great for relfection!! happy 2010 xx