Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!!

As in it is sooooooooo HOT here at the moment! I must say though, I do love hot weather but this is a bit much! We are cooped up inside under the aircon. The kids are getting a bit stir crazy! We've been baking gingerbread and mini quiches to occupy ourselves. Poppy loves cooking and Lola loves eating - it's a win/win situation

Favourites this week include Poppy learning to ride her new big girl's bike!
I have actually been scrapping...getting some pics from last year finished off. My scanner is playing up so these images are bit rough but you get the idea! I even have a couple more - just putting on the finishing touches!
Dh had his birthday yesterday - we celerated out at lunch with his family on Sunday, followed by coffee and cake at our place! It was lovely and he got all the pressies he was hoping for!

Poppy is all ready for her new Kindy - clothes, bag, display file, spare clothes...all packed and ready to go! She is excited and I'm really pleased about the school she is off to!

Lola is delightful...although I she is going to a stubborn little Miss, just like her big sister. Nearly walking - at 14.5months, pretty much the same as Poppy.
We really have been enjoying theses holidays!


Donna Heart said...

hey you! soooo long since i've spoken to you - just trolled through all your recent posts and am loving all teh photos of the girls - i cant believe a year has gone by already since poppy was born - amazing that! and your scrapping is beautiful - oh i've been so lazy in that department! when you visiting gero again? would love a cuppa and a catch up!
x donna <3

Donna Heart said...

oh damn - was just seeing if that <3 would turn into a heart - but no!!!!

Felicity said...

great to see some Lo's, I am always inspired by your work.
Love Poppy on her bike.
And yes, it is sooo hot :S

Monica said...

The girls are growing so quickly, they are just beautiful Melis :0)
Love your layouts, it's great to see you scrapping :0)