Saturday, February 20, 2010

She's on the move...

A quick share of some creativity...some cute lil cake topper I made for my Teaching Assistants! We have had a great start to the year and I took them these muffins for Valentines day!

And a LO using some new Basic Grey - I love this range. Really liking yellow at the moment and can't get enough of Kraft as a base. The darker small circles are actually punched holes(that's my floorboards underneath!). Lola is SUCH a climber and this documents that!
I have some other work done but will share that later!

This gorgeous girl finally started walking this week - at 15.5 months!
She has been cruising for months and months...but was always too busy chasing Poppy to bother with taking the time to actually walk! She is still quite wobbley and even fell and smashed her cheek on the doorframe - poor lil thing. But she is pretty pleased with herself as she often gets a round of applause when she does walk!LOL! She also LOVES to blow kisses with the loud sound effect of MWAH! Too cute!
Life is busy as usual but I feel like we are all heading in the right direction as a family. It's all falling into place - the house, Poppy's school, Lola growing and learning, my job, Tony and I...It's never perfect but it just feels GOOD - how nice is that! LOL!
My sister is staying tomorrow night - get the champers in the fridge!
Hope you have a great weekend!


miasmummy said...

How nice is it when it's all going good? It's just a feeling of contentment... You sound happy and that LO is divine!!

Felicity said...

Love that LO and holes punched through.
Great to hear things are good for you, YA for Lola walking :) x

Tara said...

it's so cute when they start walking!!! LOVE your layout, I have a climber too, he is getting pretty extreme too lol. Love the punched holes...