Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And so it begins...

SCHOOL..Dh is teaching grade 4, I'm teaching Pre-Kindy(for the first time) and Miss Poppy is off to her new school for 4 Year Old Kindy! I must say I think I'm in love with my job already! The kids are gorgeous, the parents are friendly and my teaching assistants - fantastic! What more could you want! Poppy is also LOVING her new Kindy, her teacher is gorgeous! Poppy has a staggered start and only had to stay for an hour each day.

Poppy - Why can't I stay all day?
Me - Because some kids might be upset. They might need time to settle in. They might cry for their mums.
Poppy - But I won't cry. Why can't the crying kids go home and I could still stay!
Me - Hmmmmmmmmm
Gotta love that confience!
So it has been busy around here with all of us getting ready for school. I'm also teaching a very basic scrap class tomorrow with 20 Year 11 girls! Should be interesting. Apparently they are all excited!LOL!
I have still kept my "1 LO a week" goal...but my stinkin' printer/scanner is playing up! So only one (tragic quality of image)LO to share...
Lots of retro/vintage tags and buttons for a swap I'm hosting at the BOXX.
A LO for the new Kraft challenge site...
Have also been stock piling lots of vintage doilies and fabric that I have found at Op shops! Now if only I could sew! I will get onto it!
I also need to have a HUGE clean out again...over hanging onto stuff I don't need! But what a mission to list it all on Ebay! I will get there though!
Hope you had a great week!


Felicity said...

how cute does Poppy look with here little Miss bag. So glad that she likes pre-kindy and that you and hubby have settled back into teach.
that LO is devine. :)x

Nicole said...

OMG how adorable does Miss P look. Yellow really suits her Mel.

How I wish Char could go to Kindy.


Megan B said...

Ha ha ha, wonder where she gets confidence like that from...? Glad to hear you are going well, thought scrapbooking might take a back seat to school!