Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kindy is officially over for Poppy. She has had such a LOVELY bunch of kids in her class and the most divine teachers! We really are so so happy with her start to school! The class did a gorgeous little "concert" for the families and Poppy even had to introduce one of the songs!

She was great and I heard she helped one or two nervous boys during the rehersals!Gorgeous girl! We also had a lovely get together for all the families from the class at a park, Santa came, lots of laughs! Like I said a really lovely bunch of people. I wonder who will be in her class next year?
A quick Christmas craft idea...a paper plate wreath. I LOVE paper plates and brown bags for kids craft! With this one you simply cut the centre out, paint it green and add your choice of decorations, stickers, glitter. I think a bow in the centre at the bottom would finish it off nicely!

More kids crafts to follow as we are now on holidays I think Poppy will want to keep busy!


Chloe :-) said...

Aw... so cute :-)