Monday, December 6, 2010


I can't believe this little blossom is FIVE years old! I know people always say it but where has the time gone? There was ALOT of cake this year! Cupcakes for kindy, a cake on the day and a cake for her "hula" party on the weekend!She loved her pressies - spoilt as always! So I have been busy with the girls parties and cakes! Busy with lots happening at work. I have a new contract for next year - exactly what I was hoping for which is wonderful! Geeze we might even have a little money next year! School has build a brand new Early Learning Centre and I was lucky enough to be able to do lots of ordering of lovely new equipment! That is a dream come true! Christmas is coming and I'm pretty much organised - just need to do the wrapping! YAY!

Poppy at FIVE -

  • Loves barbies
  • Loves imaginative play - dolls, dolls houses, lil people
  • Is enjoying weekly swimming and tennis lessons
  • Loves playing with friends and adore her cousins
  • Adores her teacher.
  • Likes Kindy but finds it tiring as she is still and early riser
  • Likes making things/arts/crafts
  • strong willed - like you wouldn't believe
  • Enjoys outside play, the park and animals
  • Still a tiny eater - favourite meal - lamb roast
  • Enjoys stories and reading
  • Starting to learn about letters, writes letters, numbers, her name and family members
  • Sings, sings, sings all day long.
  • She cracks us up all day long - funny story teller

We adore her, we love her, we can't imagine life with out this busy, loud, funny girl!

Back soon with some kids Christmas craft if you are interested!