Friday, February 18, 2011

School, study & a dash of dancing!

oh I'm tired of logging on here and saying how "busy" I've been - LOL! But it is what it is!

The school year got off to a great start. I set up a brand new kindy which is awesome. The room is amazingly BIG, all the furniture and toys are's really gorgeous! But lots of unpacking, cleaning up and a few issues, like no computers, phones or internet yet which has been a pain! All the kids are lovely, a few criers/screamers but they are all settling now! Gotta say, I do love my job!

So this year my job is now 3 days a week, which might not sound like much but it seems like a big jump for me and I'm desperate to find the routine and balance I need with work and family. I know we will get there!

I have also enroled in Uni to do 4 units, which will allow me to remain teaching Three Year Old Kindy. I'm not the world greatest student, bit of a procrastinator, but I will just have to get on with it! Luckily I have secured a scholarship so finances won't be an issue! I just have to buckle down this year and get on with it!

Poppy started Pre Primary this year and while she likes it, she gets really tired, going 5 days a week. It all seems so much more formal these days. I wish they would just let them play more, there are 12 formal years of schooling ahead, just let them play for one more year I say!
She also started dancing lessons and is loving it. She does look gorgeous in her red uniform! Luckily one of my old teaching friends is her dance teacher and she is a wonderful teacher.

Nothing on the creative scene, I really do want to scrap but I just don't have the drive like I use to. My pages always look very similar/boring. I still love the papers, the bits and pieces but I feel a bit stressed as to where to begin again! I have made lots of birthday cards lately which I really enjoy personalising!

Other than that we are all good, just would like a little breathing space, a moment to step back, a quick break...but that's not goin to happen anytime soon. Just a lot of juggling.



Donna Heart said...

Hey Melis! Wow - you do have a lot going on don't you! Love the photos of Miss poppy - the second one she look so much like her dad - sorry ;) !!! Mil's loving school as well, although I've only got her going three days a week - I'm with you, I think 5 is too much! Toby's not really enjoying Kindy though - he refuses to tell me how it is each day "it's a secret" and today was tears and "I'm too scared" but really, he just wants to stay home with me :) Loads of love to you - havea gret week lovely, X D

Carla said...

Your BLOG is gorgeous - both your own and the kindy children are lucky to have such a caring and creative lady guiding them at such an important stage - well, all the stages are important aren't they:)
Just wondering where/how to find out about the scholarships of offer to teachers in WA returning to studies to convert to Early childhood education. With many thanks

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