Friday, June 24, 2011

A canvas for Lottie...

I'm seriously thinking I should close this poor lil neglected blog...I hardly find the time to create much of anything at the moment. Slack? Tired? Busy? No Mojo? all of the above. I definately feel the need to be creative...I need to be working on something....but it just seems I have less and less energy to tackle anything much at the moment!

Anyway enough whining....

I did make this lil canvas for my friend's new baby girl - Lottie....LOVE her name!I'm yet to meet her as we have all had the flu and I don't want to spread the germs!
I really hope she likes it as I'm really nervous about giving it to her. I've never really been fussed on OTP scrapping type things especially as gifts. I have bought some cute clothes and a seedling doll for Lottie and the canvas is just a little extra thought from me!
I like it myself though and will probably do one for Lola's room!
Speaking of Miss Lola - we had her Kindy interview this week and thank god she was a delight while there. I was serious worried she would climb the principal's desk, throw a tanty or strip off. Happy to report she was an angel!


miasmummy said...

Nope, you aren't allowed to close it!!! I will take what I can get whenever you have the time to share your creations!! That canvas looks great, thanks for sharing!! xxx

Malin said...

remeber me ;)
Im so happy to see you again and so happy to see that you are bloggin!!
and my the girls has grown so much!
Big hugs from Sweden- Malin

Monica said...

This is gorgeous Melis!!
love it!

scrapwitch said...

been scrapping lately Mel ?
i'd love to see a blog update :):)
holiday snaps ?
kids update :):)

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