Sunday, May 4, 2008

A good reason...

Well there is good reason why I have been far too exhausted to be creative, a good reason why I have hardly commented on friends' blogs, a good reason why I fall asleep at 9pm, a good reason why I have been sooooo sick(couldn't take antibiotics), a good reason why I am getting fatter by the day!!!

And here it is....

I am 12 weeks pregnant!! And we a absolutely thrilled! Everything looks perfect and this little one should make an appearance in November. My due date is the 13th - just 4 day's before Poppy's birthday but I looks like I will have to have a c-section so somewhere around two weeks earlier than that!
I don't care if it is a boy or a girl - just relieved that it's not twins -LOL . I'm so much bigger this time I seriously thought there might be two but luckily just one - I guess I'm just fat!
Poppy doesn't really understand yet but I'm sure she will as it becomes more obvious!
How exciting!!!


nuttyscrapper said...

Congratulations Melissa that is excellent news, you are just a few days behind me !!!

I so know what you mean about being tired I can hardly keep my eyes open lately LOL !!!


Ali said...

congrats mel!! thats awesome news- a lil bro or sis for poppY!! congrats again!! x


yay what good news.. hope all goes well.. and hope your feeling on top of everything soon,...


Rachael said...

YAY a huge congrats to your little family again. And to be due so close to Poppy's birthday - been there done that myself and I have 3 birthdays within 4 weeks. Rest up xoxo

Anthea said...

congratulations Mel!!! that is just wonderful happy news!

Donna said...

So thrilled for you all Melis - and how amazing is it to see that little life right there on the screen!! What an awesome awesome thing - I hope the first trimester goes by wihtout too much blah-ness and the last two sail on nicely! Such exciting times ahead as your little clan grows - just wonderful! MWAH from all of us XXX Gero Mob

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Binxcat1 said...

HUGE CONGRATS chickie... woo hoo... more baby photos to scrap! ;) How exciting!

Belinda Venables said...

Wow - fabulous news Mel...yipeee!
Congrats to you and your family.

Amy said...



Hope your going to be feeling better soon and best wishes that everything goes well;-)


Louise said...

Oooh Mel that is absolutely wonderful news, Congratulations

Lou xxx

Megan B said...

Congratualions Melissa, what a wonderful blessing. Hope all goes well and you are enjoying this precious gift.
Hopefully we can make the time to catch up soon, maybe at a crop!?
L Megan X

Malin said...

MY GOSH!!!!!!
Congrats swetie, aww look what you did you made my start crying!
Im so happy for you, how exciting
and lill POppy will be a big sis now :0 :)
A million hugs to you all, and again you are so sweet thankyou thankyou sooooo much for the awesom package you sent me!!!

nikkihelen said...

Congratulations Melis!! You pair make beutiful kids!
Xx Nikki xX

me said...

a BIG Congrats to you and hubby Mel!!
This is so exciting for all of you!
I look forward to reading more reports on how your pregnancy is going!
Take care and rest up!
Ali x

Julie said...

OMGosh - the BIGGEST congratulations to you Melis!!!
LOL at the twins comment - I used to panic at the thought that I could have twins ... one at a time is definetly enough lol.

Rest up, take it easy and can't wait to see/read your progress.

chat soon
Julie xx