Friday, May 23, 2008

Gym class...

No no...not me LOL! Poppy - she had her first "gym" class yesterday! I have been meaning to take her for about 6 months now and have finally found the time to go! She is such and energetic child (she doesn't get it from me!) so she really needs and enjoys "busy and active" activities!

I think she is too little for the whole "dancing" scene yet - I know it can get competitive and costly so I'm not that keen just yet. So we went to a gym class for toddlers and my god...SHE LOVED IT! They start with stretches and warm ups, music and exercises then then they all follow a circuit, then you can do your own thing and the instructor(who is just lovely) comes around showing different basic skills like tumbles and rolling! Very casual and very fun! I'm so happy we went. And it's great timing with the winter weather setting in! The best thing is you are not "locked" into a term - you just turn up and pay as you go! I will take my camera next time - didn't want to look like a maniac on the first day!

Here is round #2 challenge for Scraploot DT challenge/comp. - a sketch, some stamping, hand drawing and you had to make your own embellishment - I made the "button tree" - the trunk was part of a pizza box - hand drawn, cut and inked. I LOVE it!LOL!

..and a CJ entry for the wonderful Donna J...."confessions" theme - what weird and wonderful habits we have!
Hope you have a great weekend - I think I'll rest up a little, cook up some veggie and barley soup in the slow cooker and hopefully fit in a little scrapping!

What are you up to?


Anthea said...

Mel, that LO is gorgeous!!! I am thinking of taking my middle man to gymnastics, I am sure he will love it too! hope you manage to relax this weekend

scrapwitch said...

mmmm that soup sounds yumo....

poppyt sounds like she loves gym heaps ...aint it greaT when you find something soo cool....

i hear you with the dancing....i sm not a dancing mother...iykwim
belly dancing is a lot less foral and not as costly either

Nicole said...

lost your mojo, pwft. NOT. very awesome page.

wish I was able to take Char to gym, she would love it, I think just to roll around on the floor, LOL. Suppose that's the downer on living in the sticks.


I'm not doing my at CC at Scrapbook Divas and trying to recover from being sick. yuck.

Belinda Venables said...

Ohh yum - I might have to get that recipe off of you - sounds yummy!

Gym sounds cool - wish we had that here! :D

I hope you've had a fab weekend.


miasmummy said...

Love your page and entry for the CJ! It's so much fun to watch out little ones have fun! Mia's been to two playgrounds today, couldn't say no! And your soup sounds just what I need right now! I love BARLEY!! xxxx

Kristina said...


I found your blog at SIS, and I'm so glad I checked it out. Your work is awesome, and I really like your style.

Hope you have a nice day.



Malin said...

WOW Mel you realy outdid your self with these fantastic creations!!!
Gorgeous colors and i love the paint on the circle journal!!
AWW its so sweet that Poppy has had her first gym clas.. they grow up so fast!!!! In August my little one will be three years old.. not so little any more :O
Wishing you a great week!!
To bad you live so far away!

Ali said...

ooo i lurve that hand cut 'pizza' tree!! cute! gym for kids sounds a hoot- i wish MY gym excersises were that much fun! :P!

also love that CJ layout also is fab!!

Aimee said...

love these new layouts, the trees in both are fabuloso!!!

Binxcat1 said...

ah ha... so that's where you have been! @ Scraploot! LOL Your LO ROCKS chickie... I so love your Pizza box tree... I think you just started my next favourite thing with that little number... go you!

kelsey said...

Hey Melissa, have just been catching up on some blogging and had to say a big FAT congratulations (pun intended!!!) on your good news!!!

Pop into the shop so I can see your growing belly. ;-)

Binxcat1 said...

oh and Melis... you've been tagged... go check my blog for details.

Hetty said...


Thank you so much Melissa for my RAK, got it in the mail just now and OHMGOSH here I am thinking I am getting a cute little owl and mini canvas only to find some other really delish scrapping goodies - YOU ARE THE BEST- what a wonderful surprise, you made my day :)

I am so in love with your layouts, your work is more beautiful each time I see it.

Congratulations on your baby news as well (not sure if I already said this) how exciting for you. Wishing you an awesome pregnancy.

Thanks so much again hun

Gizmo said...

Melis, sounds like Poppy had a ball!! She and my Corey are kindred spirits I think!
Loving the button tree, man that looks fantastic!!!
Your mojo never goes missing if. LOL!!

Crazymumm said...

Amazing and so beatiful Mel (wish I lost my Mojo and scrapped half as good as you sweet) I would be one happy camper xxx