Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well Mother's day was lovely! I was spoilt - I got a beautiful card, a sleep in, a slow cooker(which I asked for -LOL) and some pink uggboots for around the house, from Dh and Miss P. A gorgeous card from my SIL - which actually bought me to tears...some turkish delight(yummo!) and some fabulous Clarins face cream from MIL....SPOILT! Of course the best gift is this precious life growing inside me!
My mum is getting a soft dressing gown from us!We rang her on the day. She really is a wonderful lady!
We had a BBQ brunch at MIL's with all the family - absolutely delish...Poppy kept the troops entertained with her antics! And my MIL also cooked up an extra evening meal for us so I didn't have to cook dinner - how lovely is that!

Finally feeling alot better...but busy doing so extra relief teaching while I still can! Must say i really love the classes I am working with this year!

Here is a LO I have done for Loz...this is her gorgeous new bubba, Chloe...isn't she beautiful!!
Hopefully I'll have more to share soon!

Poppy is unsure about the whole new baby business..she keeps looking under and down my top saying "Mumma...where's the baby? Where's the baby?"...she is such a cack!

Thanks for all the kind comments and well wishes on our special really made my week!


Belinda Venables said...

Sounds like you had a great mothers day.
Love the sweet!!

Lauren said...

thanks again Mel,
Im sure Chloe will love that page for many years to come
glad you are feeling better and glad your mother day was lovely, sounds like it was!
Thanks so much again

Rachael said...

Lucky Lauren, a precious bubba and a beautiful layout!
sounds like you had an AWESOME Mday. And omg - you have a fabbo MIL - wanna swap LOL!
Hope you are resting up plenty

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layout and sure does sound like you were but justly so..xx How cute is Poppy with the shirt thing xxx So happy your feeling a little bit better (hopefully over the morning sickness) stay healthy xxx

happy scrapping Lucy xxx

Julie said...

Congrats on the baby news Melissa. That is a gorgeous page too.