Saturday, November 15, 2008

A thank you and a late Halloween LO & Pics....

Firstly, thanks for all the lovely well wishes and comments on the arrival of Lola. She is a seriously easy bub so far...just feeds and sleeps, hardly cries at easy! We are all madly in love with her!

Forgot to load up these Halloween pics and a LO for SCRAPTIVATE....using delish Cosmo cricket papers...lots of new stock in at the shop - Perth girls get in there!!!

My Nephew had his 18th Birthday on Halloween so of course a dress up party was in order...Poppy was indeed a VERY cute witch. We went trick and treating around my sister's neighbourhood, lots of lollies handed out! It was a great party...all the "teens/young ones" were dressed up and went to a great effort...they were all well behaved. We left quite early as it was only a few days before I had Lola...
Here are some pics of Poppy and the cup cakes I decorated for Blake's b'day!

It's Poppy's 3rd birthday tomorrow, baking more cupcakes today - check in over then next couple of days as I'm going to put together a "PINK" RAK - in celebration of Poppy's special day and our new pink bundle of joy.

Hope to get some scrapping done but I had to pack everything away... Lola's things have taken over the table I use as our renovations have started and space is limited...yep they literally knocked off the back of our house the day I went to hospital - looks like a cyclone has hit our back yard! So I got home with a new born and NO laundry, a VERY active toddler and no backyard...thank god for my MIL who has been a godsend - doing ALL our washing!

We went out for an amazing lunch yesterday, T. is taking Miss P off to church this morning then we are taking her to Macca's as a treat....she has been pretty housebound this week!Hope you are having a fab weekend !



Lauren said...

WOW~!!! Love that layout and those cakes look unreal!!
Poppy is such a cute witch!
Glad everything is going well with Lola.
OH NO! NO scrapping!! I bet you have great pics of Lola too!!
Hope the renos all go well...

Alice said...

Wow Melis that layout is stunning! It really pops! Love the bright colours with the black.

I hope you are enjoying getting to know gorgeous little Lola.

Felicity said...

How cute are those cakes!! making me hungry.. lol
LOVE that LO and how super cute is poppy dressed as a witch!
Take Care
Felicity x

SkyeMJ said...

OMGosh! I LOVE that layout!
You never fail to impress, always absolutely gorgeous work!