Monday, November 10, 2008

He's out numbered....

Lola Rose
born on the 4th - Melbourne Cup Day at 1.50pm by c-section.
Weight - 7lb, 91/2 ounces
Length - 54 cm (long for a girl)
Head - 35 cm
Eye colour dark blue
Hair - dark brown

Thanks Lisa for letting blog land know! And thanks to all those who left warm wishes for our truly warms my heart!
Lola looked almost exactly like Poppy when she was born!! In those first tiring days in hospital I would wake in the night and think she was Poppy!

We woke early on the 4th and had a lovely big cooked breakfast as I would have to fast from 7am onwards. We were booked in for a 1pm C-section delivery. I really had hoped for a shot at a natural birth this time, after a stressful emergency ceasar with Poppy. But due to a few factors the safest option was a planned c-section. So we got organised and dropped Poppy off at my inlaws house...she stays there a bit so she wasn't stressed at all...I on the other hand sobbed as the car pulled out of the drive way!LOL!

We arrived at the hospital just after 11.30am, settled into my room, signed the last of the documentation, I showered and gowned up, Tony only just fitted into his outfit! And then we waited, I was wheeled down to a waiting area and the anethetist(sp?) was running late. Another couple were waiting across from us and the dad looked sooooo nervous - first timers!We missed the Melbourne cup and then things started moving. I HATE all things medical and needles freak me out but it all went pretty well...even though it didn't hurt much ,I sobbed and sobbed, mainly due to stress and nerves, during the placement of the epidural...the staff were great and Tony was amazing!!!Then my Ob walked in and all the theatre staff...everyone seemed cheery and lighthearted! They started the incision and the pulling - I HATE that freaks me out...they seemed to be pulling and pulling, I thought something was wrong...was the baby stuck??? But no, after few minutes she was out and we waited for that much anticipated cry...and cry she did, so did I!The Ob. covered her genitals and asked us to guess...boy or girl? All the staff were chanting boy or girl? Tony yelled Boy, I yelled girl and then all was revealed...another princess to add to our family. Tony is well and truly out numbered now.

It was such a better experience this time, they placed Lola straight on me, then checked her over - she was perfect - then she and Tony came with me to the recovery area...Last time Poppy was whisked away, I now realise that I had actally blocked out so much of her birth experience due to stress!
So all went well, breastfeeding, recovery and general emotions have all been so much easier on me. Lola is an absolute delight!She is sleeping and feeding so well! Poppy still thinks her name is charlie and tells everyone that her sister is charlie! Poppy was sick with a cold and the flu during the week so I didn't see her much and it broke my heart. But she is on the mend now and such a little helper now we are home!
So if you are still awake after all are some pics!LOL!




WOW mel she is just gorgeous... cant wait to see her in some amazing pages.. lol with her big sis... all the best chick.. take it easy and just enjoy..

scrapwitch said...

lola ..aka charlie is gooooowwwwgeous melissa..your pics are fabulous ,and that one on sm withher taken home suit is devine...a little girl.mmmm i so reltae does paul..goooood luck tony..thanks for sharing your days the chanting if the name and the dr covering her up for you to guess..thats so fun.hehehehelove to all babe xxxxx

Anthea said...

Congratulations Melissa! she is adorbale!!

Mel said...

Melis, she is gorgeous, so beautiful, that photo of her and Poppy is priceless!!!
Chloe and Lily were so alike when they were newborns too, even Matts dad couldnt tell them apart in the photos, funny how that happens!!!
Hope you are all well, will chat to you soon :-)
Mel xxx

Belinda Venables said...

1. 2. 3....Ahhhhh! hehe

Melis...she is such a beautiful doll. I have butterflies - really...I do! She has brought happy tears to my eyes and goose bumps to my skin. She is so beautiful I could eat her up!

Ok - now you're freaking out! I'm not going to fly your way and steal her promise! lol. I think I need to go and make babies...*wink* *cluck* hehe!

Oohh ps: Congrats :D

Lauren said...

Oh Mel, she is just so cute!
Loved reading that story and the pics are so special.
So happy for you, congrats again

MargS said...

at a precious little pink bundle! Congratulations! Two beautiful little girls.......what a blessing. All the best to you all. Well done Mel!

tracey said...

Congrats mel - she is beautiful -- and poppy looks as proud as punch in the pic. Good to hear that this time was not as stressful for you -it makes the transition of the first cuddle so much enjoyable. take care. Oh congrats to your DH to - what a fun household - at least you will get what you want with a

Amy said...

Aaaw Mel I'm so so pleased everything went well.
Lola is another beauty!!!
So adorable.
Love the photo whith her and Poppy.

Julie said...

Congrats Melissa Lola is just gorgeous and Poppy looks so proud to be a big sister.

Shandell said...

Wow - look at all that gorgeous dark hair!! She's absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!!

Rachael said...

She is beautiful - congrats!!! Wishing you an easy transition to a your larger family.

PS bet Poppy makes a very doting older sister ;)

Kirsty said...

Oh she is just heavenly. Beautiful birth story too!
Congatulations to you and your beautiful family!

Nicole said...

Congrats again Melis, Lola is utterly beautiful. So glad everything is going well and she is settling into your family.

Such a blessing. Much love to you all.


We might have to try for a photo swap when you feel up to scrapping, if you want to.

Tara said...

truly beautiful...

congrats again to the whole family :0)

Felicity said...

she is beautiful melissa.. cant wait to see a LO of Lola..
Take Care
Felicity x

byclops said...

Huge congratulations to you all and thank you for sharing your birth story and photos with us!!!

Ali said...

Lola is absolutely gorgeous mel!! Glad the birth went well... those photos are CUTE AS!! That little one of lola in her going home outfit is so special – the outfit is just gorgeous!!! Loving the photo of poppy a lola too – poppy looks so proud of her ‘charlie’!! hhehe... all the best over the coming weeks.

Donna said...

Hip hip hooray! Hello little Lola - and welcome to the world! You are such a lucky little girl to have such wonderful family around you. May your road ahead be rich with health, great friends and many exciting adventures! Love to you all, XXX Donna

chrisw said...

Congratulations Melissa,Lola is as magnificent as is Poppy..You clever girl...Congratulations to both you and hubby on a job brilliantly done..AWWW she is just gorgeous

Maxine said...

She is a stunner. Perfect little addition to your family. I love all of the photos especially the last one of Poppy and Lola.

Belinda Howlett said...


SkyeMJ said...

Awww! This is the post I have been trying to comment on forever and it wont let me!

So BIG congrats on Lola! She is just so adorable! The photo of you and her in the hospital bed is just so tender and beautiful!

Aww I'm all gushy and girly now!

Congrats again!

jacqui jones said...

i love your kids names

im glad it was a nice experience for u...i felt just the same way, csecton was not what i wanted either, but the calmness of the experience was worth everything.

such a beautiful bundle u have there

Binxcat1 said...

OK have managed to drag my head from the bucket finally... LOVE the name you chose and "Charlie" is such a good nickname! hehehe HUGEST congrats... what a cutie and what a beautiful family you make. Thanks for sharing... love hearing all the details... I must be getting hormonal... just thinking about it all makes me get teary! LOL You'd think I'd be over it by now!