Sunday, November 16, 2008

She is three....

Well the wonderful Miss Poppy turns THREE today! My god the time just flies...

She was thoroughly spoilt with a scooter & helmet, art board and art set, large Dora doll &
Dora laptop, tea set, clothes, puzzles and books and a mini keyboard! With more to come....OMG ruined I tell ya!
We opened pressies, then went to Playgroup to share some pink cupcakes...and Poppy doesn't mind bashing out the Birthday song to herself ! She is having a party on Sunday at one of those toddler indoor centres - easy - no cooking and no cleaning up - I'm very happy with that one! And has requested Stawberry Shortcake cake - so I've gone with that theme!

From this...

To this....

At Three she...

  • loves books and loves being read to - any book, any time!

  • can count to 27
  • knows most colours
  • knows all the basic shapes ie circle, square...

  • loves people - will chat to anyone who looks her way, completely social

  • is into Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora and Playschool

  • loves water and sand

  • loves outdoor play, the park, swings, the backyard - collects sticks and leaves...

  • is a tiny eater - far too busy for food

  • is strong willed, noisy, has a great sense of humour already

  • loves to sing and dance around the house all day long

  • collects the mail daily and is thrilled to find those envelopes waiting for her

  • is a great sleeper - still has an afternoon nap every day!

  • Love creative roleplay and dress ups - loves to play "cafe" - making 'chino's for everyone!

  • Has just become a big sister and is loving and gentle with Lola

  • loves blowing out candles at everyone else's birthdays

  • Is affectionate but also independent

  • Adores her daddy

  • Is a bright ray of sunshine in our lives



Belinda Venables said...

Happy birthday to you Miss Poppy.

You were such a cute little bubba and are still such a beautiful little girl.

I hope you had a fabulous day and I am so glad to see that you are so loved and so spoilt!


Belinda Howlett said...

WOW she is the cutest thing....did you know my son and her would make a cute

WHere do you live??? we can move there!
loving looking at you blog


Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Poppy!!
She has just grown up WAY too fast! I remember the pics you had up from her 1st birthday!
Hope she had a wonderful day...

Felicity said...

happy birthday poppy....

One very cute girl!!!
Have a good party! :)
Felicity x

Alishia said...

Awww Happy Birthday Miss P! 3 Already!!!!!
Hope she enjoyed her cupcakes and her party on sunday!

scrapwitch said...

a big happy birthday sweet cheeks...
hope you had a super wonderful day and by the sound of it got totally spoilt .
kisses for you lil one.

thanks for the love melis.your a doll

SkyeMJ said...

Oh Yay! I have been having so much trouble trying to give you comments and now it's letting me!

Happy birthday Poppy! What a clever little chicken she is at 3! :)

SO cute!

Kirsty said...

Happy birthday Poppy! Sounds like a GREAT day!

Wendy Smith said...

what gorgeous pictures...Happy birthday

Amy said...

Happy belated Birthday to Poppy.
She is just too cute for words!!!
Gorgeous pic.
Hope you are doing well. Must be quite busy with all the building and a tot and new baby lol.

chrisw said...

Happy Birthday sweet princess,Hope your feeling well melissa.Take care!regards chris

Gizmo said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss P!!
She's grown into such a beautiful little girl Melis!!

Maz said...

Well, it is a little late now but WOW, Poppy is 3! Can't believe it! Loved the cupcakes you made - delish!

Hope you, Tony and the girls are going well!

Hopefully I will see you round one day soon!

Love, Maz xx

Crazymumm said...

Wow were did those years go Melissa.. a beautiful baby back when born but a little doll now xxx What sweet photos of the sweet Poppy xxx A darling cake also xxx