Friday, December 26, 2008

The black balloon....

Oh my God! Do yourself a favour and go and rent this movie if you haven't seen it yet!

Set in the kitsch splendour of 1980's Australian suburbia, it takes me back to my teen years! It's a glimpse inside the chaos of family with two teenage sons, one who is severely autistic. Director Elissa Down grew up with an autistic brother, so she has an amazing insight. I just loved Toni Collett's character - she is such an amazing actor!

A teacher I have taught many autistic children and this just shows a snipit of home life with an autistic child. Makes you have even more compassion for all those parents raising autistic children!
Another FANTASTIC Aussie movie!


Belinda Venables said...

Just seeing this pic makes me giggle!

Can't wait to see this one. Love those typical Aussie movies! They make you go "ahhhh yeah...hehe" the whole movie don't they! pmsl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, I've been a tad scared to take a look at this movie as my darling son aged 4 is recovering from ASD and sometimes other peoples experiences can be a bit scary to see, but I think you may have inspired me. I never knew that Toni Collette was in it. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work this year and here's to a fantastic 2009 filled with lot's of new opportunities exciting adventures for all, Tiff :o)

Mel Connell said...

I totally loved this movie!!! The best I have seen in a very long time. Man do we know how to do film or what!!!!

Jessica Delarie said...

i might just go rent that one out > havnt seen it !! thanks

Julie said...

Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and New Year there Melis!!
Love the Chrissie pix of the girls a few posts back - they are adorable.