Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Renovations...full steam ahead...

This what the back of our house use to look like...to the left was an old grotty laundry and a toilet on the right a draughty enclosed verandah - we only could use it for storage/junk room as it was dusty etc...waste of space really!

This what they did to the back half of our house - the day I went to hospital to have Lola!!!!

So we came home with a newborn and no laundry, active toddler and no backyard!!! What a mess!!!!!!!!!!But at least it was finally underway!

Well I'm excited to say that the brick work is basically all done(must get a pic) and the roof is starting tomorrow! They have been working at a cracking pace! Our builder/project manager is fantastic! All building will stop over Christmas and January and then the messiest and most exiting for me - the kitchen will be gutted and redone!!! YAY!!!!